Massage Therapists: How Are You Managing Your Practice?


It’s time to put your health and wellness center on the map! But, how will you get your business online and market it to more students and patients? Easy, sign up with HealingRadiusPro for free.

HealingRadiusPro is an online business management and scheduling software that’s full of innovative features for online booking, online payments, staff management, contact management, reviews and comments, and more.

List Your Business With HealingRadiusPro

Once you sign up, you can list or claim your business on, a search engine for health and wellness centers. Clients use HealingRadius to search for centers related to their treatment or exercise needs. If any of their search terms are related to your center then it will be listed in the results. This will get your business out there for more people to see.

Online Appointment and Class Scheduling

Because HealingRadiusPro is essentially an online booking software, it provides an online calendar where you can schedule your appointments and classes. You can easily add, remove, or cancel classes in a matter of seconds.

Plus, your patients and students will be able to see the calendar and book appointments. This eliminates the hassle of having to call in to schedule one, and as a result, more appointments will be booked and classes will fill up.  

Every time an appointment is booked or canceled you’ll receive an email notification. This way you can put your appointment book away because you can check your appointments quickly and easily right from your phone.

Online Payments

Do you ever get frustrated with handling payments before or after appointments? Relax, because with HealingRadiusPro clients can choose their payment method when they book an appointment. They can select if they’ll be paying with cash, a check, credit or debit cards, and can even pay online once their appointment is booked, saving you time to work on other things.

You can handle online payments through HealingRadiusPro with a 5% fee for every credit card transaction. You can also use your Paypal or Stripe account to accept online payments through HealingRadiusPro.

Instead of wasting paper on receipts, you can save some trees with electronic invoices and receipts. Send out invoices and payment confirmations via email, and quickly accept payments at any time right from your smartphone or tablet.

Client Management

Keep your client’s records in one convenient location with HealingRadiusPro. You can upload your entire patient list to HealingRadiusPro with an Excel or CVS file. Then you’ll have access to their names, contact information, history, attendance, and upcoming appointments. Plus, as new patients join your practice you can easily add them to the database, one at a time.

Outstanding Support

HealingRadiusPro is here for you every step of the way. We will gladly walk you through the setup process and answer any questions that you may have. Simply send an email to and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Did We Mention That it’s Free?

Why wait? Get started with HealingRadiusPro today, for free. Simply sign up and gain access to online scheduling software that’s full of innovative features for total business management, including online payments, staff management, client management, and more.

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