4 Ways to Boost Your Online Appointment Booking Page


Business is booming, especially in the health and wellness market. It’s a great time to be an alternative health and wellness professional because more and more people are exploring holistic healing methods every day.

It’s time to boost your own business by getting more online appointments with the help of HealingRadiusPro and by boosting your online appointment booking page.


HealingRadiusPro is the total business management solution specifically designed for health and wellness professionals, with innovative features for effectively managing and marketing their businesses. A few of the features include online appointment scheduling and booking, online payments, staff management, contact management, online reviews, and more.

Edit Your Booking Page URL

URLs should be short and sweet, so they’re easy to remember and straight to the point. Try to keep it under six words. This way clients will be able to easily remember the name of your center and will keep coming back to it when they need to.

Plus, a custom URL will help your business build an online presence while building your brand.  

Make sure that your URL has keywords, related to your business, so when people type their symptoms or the treatment they’re looking for in the search bar your business will pop up in the results.

Make Your Page Easier To Find on Google

Getting google to trust your site is a vital part of marketing your page. Building your SEO will take your booking page farther than ever. Google looks for reliable information instead of sales-oriented pages, so be sure to fill your site with meaningful content.

Also, cross-linking can help you raise your SEO. Add links to your page all over, like on other health and wellness pages. You can also add links to your own site that lead to educational articles to build your online presence.

Make sure your metadata has keywords, because metadata shows up in the title and description of your page in google’s search results. Only 150 characters will be displayed so make sure you have important keywords in your descriptions.

For example, Sarah’s yoga business should display the name of her business in her title, “Sarah’s Yoga Temple” and the description should have accurate keywords about the services she offers like, “Yoga classes for beginners and advanced yogis. Hot yoga, prenatal yoga, and guided meditation sessions to help you relax. Book your class online”

If you aren’t sure what your keywords should be you can actually google the most popular words related to your health and wellness business.

Put Your Link in Your Email Signature

It doesn’t matter who you’re sending an email to, add your booking page to your signature. This way everyone you email will have the link in an easy to find location. This will provide convenience to your potential clients because they won’t have to go searching for your page. The link they need will be right in front of them. Plus, they can forward your email to others to help your business spread to new clients.  

Put a Link to Your Booking Page on Social Media

Whether you promote your business on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other social media sites be sure to put a link to your booking page right on your profile. Place the link in a place towards the top of the page that’s easy to see, so when people get on your profile they can go to your booking page in a matter of seconds.

Don’t forget to add your booking page to your social media posts and adds, so clients won’t have to go to your page. Instead, you link will be placed in their news feed so they will easily come across it. It’s a simple way to promote your business and spread it to more people.

Try HealingRadiusPro Today

HealingRadiusPro is the 100% free business management solution that you can use to boost and manage your health and wellness business. It’s innovative features help you save time while effectively maintaining your sales reports, online schedule, appoints, staff, patients, and more.

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