6 Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling for Wellness Centers


Here, at HealingRadiusPro, it’s our goal to help health and wellness professionals grow and manage their businesses. That’s why our cloud-based, online business management and scheduling software has tons of time-saving features for managing staff, classes, appointments, schedules, and more.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of health and wellness center management includes scheduling appointments and classes, which is why HealingRadiusPro developed online scheduling software that provides the following benefits.

Online Scheduling Saves Time

One of the benefits of online appointment scheduling is having an online calendar that classes can be added to, changed, canceled, or removed in a matter of seconds. Saving you time and hassle.

Plus, potential clients can view the online calendar and book appointments, saving them time because they don’t have to call in and wait to speak with a secretary to schedule an appointment.

It Also Saves Money

Once a class or appointment is booked through our online class booking software clients can enter their payment methods. By selecting cash, debit, credit, or check you’ll know exactly how your patients or students will be paying for their session. They can also pay in advance online when booking a class or appointment.

You’ll Spend Less Time Reporting

The online class scheduling feature does a lot more than simple scheduling because it also keeps track of your attendance. Instead of sitting down to go back through your appointment book to see if you had a good attendance record last month, you can simply spend a few seconds viewing your reports with HealingRadiusPro.

The reports will keep track of every appointment and class to let you know what day of the week and what time of day is most popular so you can schedule more appointments and classes around those times.

Fewer Errors Will Occur

Have you ever double booked an appointment? Because it can be extremely awkward when both patients show up at the same time. To make sure that never happens when an appointment is booked or when a class fills up they become unavailable online, to make double booked appointments and overfilled classes impossible.

You’ll Have Convenience and Flexibility

Every time an appointment or class is booked you’ll receive an email notification with the date and time, so instead of flipping through your schedule book everything you need will be kept in one place on your smartphone or tablet.

You’ll also receive an email when a class is canceled and can send a confirmation message, making the process quick and simple.

By receiving appointment notifications you’ll always know how many [people to expect on a daily basis so you can prepare ahead of time to make sure that you have enough materials for everyone.

Plus, when you know that an appointment is canceled, instead of waiting around for a no-show you can work on your schedule, run errands, or handle anything else that needs to be done.

Best of All, It’s 100% Free

Why wait? It’s completely free with no contracts, obligations, or credit card. All you have to do is sign up and in a matter of seconds you’ll have access to tons of innovative, time-saving business management features with HealingRadiusPro.

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