Manage Your Appointments With HealingRadiusPro


Attention health and wellness professionals: put your appointment books down and get rid of those check-in sheets! Save time and paper with HealingRadiousPro.

One of the best features that HealingRadiousPro has to offer is online appointment management software for scheduling and booking. By having the app on your smartphone or tablet, everything you need for managing your appointments is right at your fingertips, including these innovative tools:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment Booking
  • Appointment Check In
  • Appointment Check Out
  • Appointment Cancellation

HealingRadiusPro simplifies online appointment scheduling with an online calendar that’s available to you, your staff, and your clients.  Use the calendar to schedule single or recurring appointments. You can also easily add, remove, or cancel classes at any time.

Once you post your available appointments potential clients can instantly book them. They will be able to book appointments on their computers, smartphones, or tablets at any time, from anywhere. Once an appointment is booked, it will become unavailable on the calendar to avoid double bookings.

Best of all, with online appointment booking, after an appointment is booked you will receive an email that includes the date and time.  

Clients can check in for their appointments with their phones when they arrive to avoid the hassle of checking in with a secretary. They can also easily check out on their phones as they’re leaving.

HealingRadiusPro takes the frustration out of cancellations. Your clients will be able to cancel their appointments on their phones without the hassle of calling your office. You’ll be notified of cancellations and can even send an email to confirm them. This way, you won’t waste time sitting around, waiting for a no show.

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There’s more to HealingRadiusPro than free online appointment scheduling and booking software because it has features for total business management.  See how you can save time and grow your business today, for free.

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