Integrating Your Website With HealingRadiusPro


Here at HealingRadiusPro one of our goals is to help health and wellness center owners, like yourself, gain traffic to your websites to get more customers. This process includes claiming your business or adding your business with HealingRadiusPro, and integrating your business.

Claiming or Listing Your Business

The process of claiming or listing your business is very simple. All you need to do is register with HealingRadiusPro and include your name, email address, phone number, business location, and business name.

Then your business will be added to our secure database, so you can easily claim it. If your business is already listed with us then simply claim it as your own.

What Happens When Your Business is Listed

When your business is listed and claimed with HealingRadiusPro you have to option of publicly listing your business on, which is an online search browser for local health and wellness centers.

It’s the place where potential clients and students can search for health and wellness centers to find the best place for their needs.

By integrating your website with HealingRadiousPro everything that future clients and students need to know will be clearly listed on your HealingRadius profile, which can help you increase the amount of class and appointment bookings.

The Information Listed When Your Site is Integrated

Once you’ve linked your site to your HealingRadiusPro business profile you have the option to list a number of details about your business. We’ve found that the best results for new and returning customers are found when the name, location, hours of operation, contact information, and services you offer are listed.

Everything on your profile can be linked back to your personal website with customizable widgets.

Also, your profile includes an online scheduling calendar that will be linked to your site. Customers and students can use the calendar to book and cancel appointments and classes. You’ll receive a notification every time an appointment is booked or canceled, so you’ll get an idea of how many clients you can expect.  

List Your Business Today for FREE

Taking a few minutes to list your business with HealingRadiusPro could lead to a higher SEO and a lot more traffic. As a result, your appointments could get booked in the blink of an eye, and your classes will fill up.
Best of all, because we want to help you easily manage and grow your business, HealingRadiusPro is free to use. There are no contracts, no credit cards, and no obligations involved. It’s simply 100% free.

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