How to Find Your Zen

How to Find Your

In today’s society we’re busy – or at least we seem to be – with distracting screens and electronics. Everywhere we go, time seems to slip through our fingers. We wake up and, before we know it, we’re trying to go back to bed at a reasonable hour, thinking we didn’t even have time to relax.

With the stress that builds day by day, it’s easy to lose yourself. Before everything becomes overwhelming take a break, put your phone away, and find your zen.

What is Zen?

Zen is difficult to define, some describe it as a feeling, an attitude, or even a meditation practice. Zen is about connecting your inner self with the Earth’s natural energy, it’s about disconnecting with technology to discover deep levels of inner peace.

How Do I Find Zen?

Generally zen is found thorough deep, healing breaths. You can sit still and practice breathing while listening to the air you pull in and push out through your nose. Going outside to be with nature is another way to find your zen. Take a long walk or ride your bike while observing the beautiful world around you. Some people find their zen through zazen, or sitting meditation.

What Type Of Meditation Should I Use?

There are over 20 different types of meditation all over the world, some are for anxiety relief and others are for body awareness. There isn’t a meditation technique that’s right or wrong for you, but there are methods that you’ll enjoy more than others. Try a few different techniques to discover your favorite meditation type.  

  • Zazen meditation involves focusing on your posture and breathing. Sit straight up on the floor or in a chair with your legs crossed. Your knees should be on the floor while your hips are elevated, with your palms resting in your lap. Focus on keeping your back straight and still while inhaling and exhaling rhythmic breaths that take you into a deep state of peace.
  • Mantra meditation involves you repeating a phrase to yourself over and over again with a rhythmic beat to take your mind away from stress. The most common mantra is ‘om’, which is believed to be the first noise heard  during the creation of the universe, and it translates to “it is, will be, and to become”. There are many mantras for love, peace, and the universe. Find the saying that calms you the most.
  • Mindful Meditation focuses on breathing as air flows in and out of your nostrils and your abdomen moves. It’s about welcoming thoughts as your mind wanders, and being aware of those thoughts so you can go back to focusing on your breath. It’s also about being aware of your body, to relieve tension and stress from your muscles.

How To Meditate

First make sure you’re dressed in comfortable and flexible clothes that will allow you to cross your legs and easily get into position. Then find a quiet place that’s free from loud, distracting noises. Sudden, loud noises can scare you out of your state of peace.

Next assume the position: either on the floor, a cushion, or chair that doesn’t have a back. Sit where it’s comfortable for you to be. Once situated start to focus on your breath or mantra and start to relax. Your eyes can be opened or closed, based on your preference.

Meditate in silence. It may be tempting to put on a calming soundtrack or relaxing sound like noise, but sitting in silence will help you become in tune with your body.

Experiment by meditating at different times each day. You may discover that the best time to meditate is in the morning, or before bed. You can also meditate to take a break during a stressful afternoon to calm down and regather your thoughts.

Start off slow, by only meditating for 10 minutes and gradually add 5 minutes onto your time each week. Meditating takes practice, so don’t worry if you don’t seem to pick it up right away.

Accept wandering thoughts or distractions. It’s ok for you to think about picking up the dry cleaning, and don’t let an itchy nose throw you off your game. Simply be aware of your thoughts and distractions and return to focusing on your breath or mantra. Your mind will become more clear over time.

As you get your meditating habits down, feel free to decorate your space with calming elements. Add a Buddha statue or potted bamboo.

Start Your Zen Journey

Finding your zen allows you to connect with your body and nature to have a calm and relaxed attitude towards life. Being zen lifts tension from your shoulders and relieves stress.

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