Destress and Reset Your Brain at Work


When you don’t get enough sleep or have a lot of stress outside of the office, your brain can get a little foggy. Confusing projects at work that demand a high level of focus or feeling overwhelmed only increase a stressful brain freeze. When it hurts to think or you can’t clear your mind, even simple tasks during your daily routine can become grueling.

We at HealingRadiusPro don’t want your workday to come to a halt if your brain won’t reset. After all, you still have to stay at the office for the rest of the afternoon! Follow the tips below in order to lift your brain fog and get back on track.

Take Deep Cleansing Breaths

Bring in relaxation and exhale stress by taking a deep breath into your lungs while counting to five. Hold the breath for a moment then exhale while counting to five. Do this about five times and your mind and body will feel relaxed and refreshed, ready to focus.

Loosen Up  

Sitting for too long can really slow down your blood flow, making you feel lethargic. Stretching will wake up you body and mind, but what do you do when you don’t want your coworkers to watch you get down with a nice stretch?

Simply excuse yourself to the restroom and get down to business by rolling your neck and shoulders to relieve tension. Then stretch your arms, legs, and touch your toes. You’ll emerge lively and energetic, ready to knock out some reports you’ve been procrastinating.

Also, holding your arms above your head for two minutes will fill you with revitalizing energy.

Don’t Hunch

Returning to your desk feeling ready to go after stretching shouldn’t be wasted by slouching or bad posture. Dropping your shoulders and hunching over will cut off your circulation and put you right back where you started!

Take A Walk

Get away from your screen and hoof it around the office, although walking outside would be most beneficial if it’s possible. Sunshine and nature can really turn a mood around. While taking a walk you’ll clear your mind and maybe even think of the solution to a tricky work related problem.

Put Your Earbuds In

Get in your zone by listening to your favorite jams or a podcast. This will wake up your brain and keep it entertained and focused at the same time. You’ll be amazed by how much you can get done by drowning out distracting office chatter or deafening office silence.

Look At Something Creative

Let your mind reset and play a little by reading an article you find interesting or looking up the answer to a question you’ve been wondering about. When you have writer’s block it might be a good time to finally google something like, ‘why ostriches don’t have leg hair.’ We won’t judge what you google, but we will be happy when your brain resets after reading something fun. However, this doesn’t mean spend the whole day googling away – keep it professional!

Have Proper Nutrition and Hydration

We know all too well that donuts and coffee are irresistible, even though they’re heavy and weigh you down. After they spike your blood sugar and it drops, you might turn into the office sloth. By drinking water and going for healthy snacks, like oranges or bananas, you’ll have steady, long lasting energy. Plus, water helps your brain cells function! Simply staying hydrated will greatly improve your thinking and productivity.

Get Out Of The Office For Lunch

When you’re hungry, go for an adventure and get a change of pace. Even if you bring your lunch, you can still find a beautiful park to eat in. It’s important to get a change of pace and to give your brain a break from constant office life. Once you get back to your desk you’ll have one productive afternoon!

Take Breaks

Sitting still for too long can have a detrimental effect on your work day.  Remember to keep your blood flowing and mind active with breaks. Take five minutes here and there to walk around or maybe seek out a laugh from a coworker. Your brain will love you for it!

Don’t Be Stuck With A Foggy Brain

Deadlines are always lurking around the corner, and they can be stressful and overwhelming. Don’t crack under the stress and prevent fogging up your brain by eating healthy, stretching, and taking breaks. Once you add our de-stressing tips to your daily routine, you’ll become a working machine!
Be sure to tell us at HealingRadiusPro how you de-stress and focus at work in the comments below.


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