Business Reporting Simplified With HealingRadiusPro


With owning a great health and wellness center comes great responsibility. Luckily you’re talented, driven, and pay attention to every detail big or small, like a total boss.

We are all very aware that managing a business can be extremely rewarding, yet immensely time consuming. That’s why we are proud to introduce you to HealingRadiusPro, which offers free sales reporting software for healthcare professionals, to help you manage your business while saving valuable time.

Reports By HealingRadiusPro

Anytime you need to take a peek at how your business is doing sales-wise, you can use our revenue tracking software to instantly generate a report. Access reports for any day, week, or month. Even compare your July 2016 to July 2015 and monitor business growth.

With appointment and class scheduling reports, you’ll be able to see what day of the week and what time of the day is most popular for clients and students. You may learn that Tuesday is the most popular day for appointments, so you can schedule more available appointment slots for that day.

Use our appointment report to view increasing amounts of appointments booked. You may need to add more timeslots to your schedule or bring in more staff members to handle the increasing amount of business.

We even offer activity reports to show you the increasing interest in your site. Watch as larger amounts of traffic flood to your site, booking all of your classes and appointments.

Why Wait? Get Started Today!

Take advantage of our free business management software to make running and keeping track of your reports a time saving, simple process. Also, there are many more features for total business management that will revolutionize the way you manage your health and wellness center.

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