Staff Management Made Easy For Wellness Centers By HealingRadiusPro

Staff Management

Staff management for wellness centers can be pretty hectic.

Whether your staff is big or small, it can often be confusing to remember everyone’s name, who can teach an evening class, or who requested time off next week. Before you know it, your office is covered with sticky notes about different staff members.

This is where HealingRadiusPro can get you and your staff organized. As a wellness business management program, HealingRadiusPro offers advanced staff scheduling software that can be utilized from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Follow the simple steps below in order to instantly group and classify your team:

Add Staff Details
You can enter a number of personal details about your staff—including their hours of availability, time off requests, contact information, birthdays, and even photos for their profiles. If photos aren’t enough, you can even color code your employees.

All of the important information about employee availability is in one place, which saves you time while you’re creating schedules, and cuts down on frustrating employee mix-ups.

You can also receive notifications and reminders about important dates coming up, so nothing will be forgotten!  

Import Staff Details
It’s no secret that managers are busy! Depending on the size of your team, you may not have time to enter tedious information about each staff member. That’s why you can upload information about all of your employees at one time using a CSV or excel file.

Best of all, there’s no limit, so you can include your entire staff.

Assign Staff Classifications and Roles
While each staff member is valued, not everyone is the same. Some employees are higher on the totem pole than others, and there can be a vast amount of different roles from certified instructors, your marketing team, and office assistants. Organize your different teams by labeling your staff with their job titles and roles to keep track of their information and specific duties.

Create Multiple User Logins
Once you’ve made it big, you can hand off tasks to some of your valued employees. By giving select members of your team access to your scheduling calendar they can assign shifts, classes, and tasks.
Keep in mind that staff management is only one of the many features offered by HealingRadiusPro to manage your health and wellness center online. Claim your business online and receive a free 15-day trial to test out our time-saving business management software.

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