5 Ways HealingRadiusPro Boosts Your Wellness Business

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If you’ve been considering different wellness business management software to help you expand upon the healing services you provide, then look no further than HealingRadiusPro! There are a lot of factors that go into making HRPro one of the best wellness business management software, like the online profile listings, marketing and business growth pointers and features, and the affordable pricing.


And that’s just the beginning. Check out what else you can do with HealingRadiusPro:


Book Classes and Appointments Online

When you claim your business and set up your account with HealingRadiusPro, your current students, and clients, as well as potential clients in your area, will be able to find and sign up for the classes or sessions you list on your public profile. Inside your account, you have access to your calendar, where you can see when your students sign up for a class. Don’t worry – we’ll send you a notification too!


Manage Your Staff

With that calendar (and in other areas of your HRPro account), you can also manage your staff’s schedules, when they’ll be in the studio to teach or hold therapy sessions. You can even mark them inactive if they take a leave of absence without removing their information entirely.


Heck, Manage All Your Contacts

In your HealingRadiusPro account, you can keep track of any of your contacts: your clients, staff, contractors, leads, emergency numbers. You can also easily categorize them in separate lists if you need, like “January birthdays” or “Regular Clients.”


Keep Track of Your Sales Reports

Since HealingRadiusPro is connected to your calendar and you can accept payments through HRPro, you’re able to access sales reports to help you keep track of how your business is doing. You can compare your sign-up, revenue, and other stats by week, month, and year so you have a clear picture of how your business is keeping up.


Take HRPro To Go

Not only is HealingRadiusPro available from your desktop, there’s also an app! It’s free to download and available for iPhone and Android users. With the app, you can access your HRPro account wherever you are, so you’re always ready to book an appointment, find contact information, or anything else you need.

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