The Secret is Out! 5 Ways to Craft the Perfect Tweet for Your Business


In case you’re old-fashioned, Twitter is a top social networking platform that’s used to market, share information, and most importantly, engage and connect with an audience. Twitter also encourages its users to craft those short and sweet 140-character messages known as tweets. And when it comes to the value of a tweet, brand manager of Internet Marketing Ninjas told that it “lies in its ability to reach as many people as possible, which means it has to be interesting enough that your audience shares it with their own communities.”


Got it! But now we ask, what goes into a tweet that makes it so interesting that it reaches as many people as possible? HealingRadiusPro‘s social media strategist, Casey, tells us below!


  1. Use images to target visual readers. Think about it: when you’re browsing through your own Twitter feed, what makes you stop scrolling? An enticing image, that’s what!


  1. Secondly, speak in an engaging voice and ask questions. The best way to truly connect with your target audience is by engaging with them, whether that’s asking a question regarding your business or commenting on something that’s happening in the world (that’s relevant to your demographic).


  1. Join the conversation with your tweets and hashtags. Every day across Twitter, there are thousands of conversations going, typically about what’s going on in the world. People use Twitter to express their opinions on whatever the biggest trend is, and that’s where you come in. If you notice something that’s trending, think of a way to relate it to your mission! In doing so, your tweet containing a trending hashtag will be swimming with everyone else’s!


  1. Keep things short and simple. Why do you think Twitter has a character count after all? So its users can get straight to the point! With Twitter, you’re not provided the opportunity to hang out on your soapbox forever. Think critically about what you’re going to tweet, then push send!


  1. If you’re going the sales route, provide a call to action. This one’s easy. For instance, if you’re trying to bring in new clients or sell a specific product, be sure to let them know that’s your goal. If you want clients to make an appointment, write a “Call now to book your appointment!” tweet. If you’re trying to promote a service, hit clients with a “Limited time only! Get yours now before they run out!” tweet.

We ask you to share your experiences with Twitter in the comment section below! Either your own personal steps to crafting the perfect tweet or what you’ve noticed (engagement-wise) after you implemented these steps to your tweet-crafting strategy. As always, we are here for you.

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