Staying Zen During Business Hours

Staying Zen During Business Hours

It’s easy to keep your zen when you’re teaching a yoga class or calmly talking a client through their therapy. It’s your calling, after all, and it should be simple to remain calm, cool, and collected doing what you love.


But what about while dealing with all of the busy-ness that comes with your business? Bills and deadlines, an upset client or really bad traffic on the way to the studio: these are everyday occurrences that can stress anyone out. But letting these stressors get to you can make it harder to stay focused, despite all the work you’ve put into creating a serene environment in your business.


Nothing Others Do is Because of You
On a bad day, it may really seem like the universe is working against you: someone cut you off in traffic, the barista didn’t make your coffee as you asked, someone showed up late (again!) to your early morning yin class. “Why does everyone have it out for me?!” you probably want to scream at the sky.


The reassuring part – or maybe not so reassuring, depending on your own philosophies – is that they don’t. Don Miguel Ruiz, in his book The Four Agreements, asserts: “nothing others do is because of you” because everyone, for better or worse, is living in their own perception of the world around us. A perception, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, that is all about them and how they interact with the world.


The airhead in traffic didn’t cut you off with any more intention than you had when you ordered a complicated drink from someone working their first shift. When you realize that everyone else is just doing their own thing, not working together to stress you out, it’s a lot easier to remember the universe is not conspiring against you and that it probably even has your back.


Don’t Sweat the Petty Things
And don’t pet the sweaty things! But in all seriousness, things are going to happen that are beyond your control. Whether minor (like getting caught in the rain without an umbrella) or major (forgetting to pay a bill on time), the most stressful things in life tend to be the things we don’t plan for. But with the exception of an actual emergency, medical or otherwise, there’s usually not much you can do about your stressful situation right away.


So it’s beneficial to pause for a moment and take a few deep breaths before trying to handle things all stressed out. If the situation’s really getting your goat, try meditating on it for a few minutes or even putting it off until the next day. You’d be surprised at how far a good night’s sleep can go when it comes to problem-solving.


When All Else Fails, Do Some Yoga
If regular meditative tricks aren’t helping calm your stresses and find your zen, try a moving meditation. Do a few sun salutations or head to a nearby yoga class (where you get to be the student). After all, the reason we learn to meditate on the mat is to help keep ourselves in that balanced and peaceful state off the mat.


Still stressing? Turn off your phone, chew a piece of gum, or try any of these other quick fixes for a stressful work day. Got your own proven way to beat stress? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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