This One Thing Can Make You a Famous Yoga Instructor

This One Thing Can Make You a

No, the answer isn’t having the fanciest yoga mat, it’s the way social media can transform your life by helping you spread your message and mission. It’s the opportunity to take your teachings outside of the studio and into the lives of yogis around the world. Because the world needs to see you—a lot of you. Why not take advantage of this new, advanced technological age, anyway? Below you’ll get a taste of which platforms will not only push you to evolve as a person and professional but as an inspiration, as well.



One social media platform that creates Internet celebrities through effective and watchable content is YouTube, and in your case, is the perfect way to teach people all about yoga without leaving their house. You can develop five-minute sequences or longer, more in-depth sequences that target specific areas of the body. And hey, everyone loves cats, so if you have one trailing around at home, it wouldn’t be so horrible to have ’em interrupt your video by walking in front of the camera. Whatever you decide, we’d love to see you become the next YouTube sensation with videos listed under the “Top YouTube Yoga Classes to Try at Home” or “The Best YouTube Yoga Channels.”



Get started with Facebook by engaging with your students and followers through a personal profile or business profile (but not both). That’s because two profiles can split your audience, creating confusion and inconsistency with your brand. It can also make it difficult to distribute information to everyone at once. Rather, share important moments in your life, empowering memes, and links to your YouTube videos by posting once a day, adjusting the frequency as needed. (Post too little and your audience will forget about you. Post too often and your audience will start unsubscribing.) If you have a strategy that best aligns with you and your goals, it’ll seem like a piece of cake to select the best images and share the most relevant content to help drive engagement with your profile.



There has been a continuous question of, “Should yoga instructors be devoting time to Twitter to build their businesses and identities?” Yes and no. Some sources say that if you have limited time to spend online, then it’d be best to spend it elsewhere, like Facebook or Instagram, just due to the number of posts that go out a day. But don’t be discouraged! Twitter is excellent for connecting with people who tweet about you and building partnerships with other brands and instructors. Moreover, Twitter will help you share your work and learn about any news in the yoga world so that you can provide your input and suggestions, making you one of the most yoga-savvy tweeters out there.



Among the thriving collection of yogis on Instagram, which Elle magazine names Sadie Nardini, Kathryn Budig, Laura Kasperzak, Pat Bailey, and Kerri Verna, you have the same opportunity to broaden your scope of students to share your message. Yoga enthusiasts and instructors use Instagram to build relationships that often lead to an increase in class attendance, yoga clothing representation, and one-of-a-kind jobs. One to two posts a day (postures of yourself) are plenty to keep your current connections engaged and make sure to push them to Facebook and Twitter. Also, don’t forget to set your Insta account to public so that your posts aren’t limited and you can reach as many people as possible.

Using these platforms will help the world learn about you and spread your teachings organically online. You’ll notice more followers, more students, more engagement, and most of all, more recognition. Just don’t forget about the team here at HealingRadiusPro when you make it big!

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