Nobody’s Reading Your Blog! Here Are 11 Ways to Change That



Blogging. To some, it’s a way to connect with the outside world as their personal online diary. To others, it’s a way to share their expertise and make a difference as a professional. And to the rest (the ones who find no benefit from it), well, they don’t matter. Because a blog serves many purposes, and in this case, for wellness center owners and independent therapists like yourself. It can help drive traffic to your website, as well as convert that traffic into leads. It can also help develop long-lasting relationships with your followers, position yourself as the go-to in your field, and build a client base from one single post. How awesome does that sound? The problem is, there are people (and maybe you?) who aren’t aware of the do’s and don’ts of bloggingthe proven steps that’ll encourage readers to view posts every time one’s been published. So, as blogging enthusiasts ourselves, the team here at HealingRadiusPro found no better reason to join heads and come up with 11 easy ways to get blogs read.


  1. Buying your own domain name
  1. Creating a drop-down menu on the side with a list of archives or categories
  1. Removing any annoying pop-up ads
  1. Writing in a conversational and friendly tone
  1. Replacing outdated graphics from older posts
  1. Picking a font that is big enough and dark enough to read
  1. Remembering that whitespace is your friend
  1. Proofreading your posts and not relying on a spell checker
  1. Linking back to your favorite, relevant, or most popular posts
  1. Designing clear, bold, and Pinterest-worthy graphics that can be shared on social media
  1. Making graphics fit the width of your content


In no time, you’ll see that blogging can actually be fun and beneficial as opposed to difficult, and even useless. And once you’ve implemented these changes, we at HealingRadiusPro would love to hear about your new experiences in the comment section below! After all, we are only in business for you.

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