All of Your Questions about HealingRadius Answered


We try to make the principles of HealingRadius and its sister program, HealingRadiusPro, as clear as we can. But still, it’s only normal for people to have questions or concerns regarding a service they’re interested in. That’s why we asked HealingRadius’ brand ambassador, Alex, to gather the most commonly asked questions from clients so that we can provide the best possible answersall in one place. It’s time to sit back, relax, and feel even more secure and at ease in your decision to use us as your holistic healing solution!


Q. “If HealingRadius is a free online marketplace, how do you make money?”

A. Very good questionand one that’s asked often. Our revenue comes from HealingRadiusPro’s business management program. We do have a $0-for-life package that includes basic features, but then we have two competitively priced packages, Inspire and Enlighten, that cater to more specific needs.


Q. “What do you mean my business is already listed in your database? How?”

A. Our tech team extracts information on healing and wellness centers from search engines and then we check to make sure it’s correct. And before your business is activated, it’s just sitting there, invisible to the public. That’s why it’s important to find and publish your center today!


Q. “OK, I activated my business. What happens next?”

A. You log in to edit your business profile and add any further information you’d like, including qualifications, services, specialtiesthe works.


Q. “My business is already listed on Google. What makes HealingRadius different from a Google search?”

A. The one feature that separates HealingRadius from any other tool out there is “Search by Condition.” Since our program is designed exclusively for wellness center owners and independent therapists, this option simplifies the process of finding a solution to match anyone’s condition.


Q. “I’ve had bad experiences with programs like this in the past. How do I know you won’t sell my information?”

A. The information collected on your business is found publicly, the same way any other person finds information. In other words, we’re providing already public information that you might’ve added to your website or Google profile. Still, everything in your account is kept private and secure. We will also never ask for personal, important information, like your social security number, home address, or mother’s maiden name.


Q. “I don’t want my personal email visible to the public. What is it used for exactly?”

A. Your email won’t be visible. We just ask you to provide it as part of your login credentials. When someone books an appointment or class with you via HealingRadius, the confirmation will be sent directly to your email (as a link) without the actual address being shown.


If you have any more questions regarding HealingRadius or HealingRadiusPro, please share them in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to answer them! After all, we only have you in mind.

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