8 Signs You have Great Employees


We at HealingRadiusPro know that running a studio or wellness center can be challenging, but wouldn’t you say that your employees are your greatest asset? I mean, they help keep the business afloat, they accept any tasks or projects that come their way, and even before the workdays are half over, they’ve done something (or 8 things) to advance their roles. What are they, you ask?


They get a full, good night’s sleep

Health experts advise seven to eight hours of sleepwhy? Well, without a restful night, concentration and productivity levels become lower than one might like. And sleep is also a key part of a healthy lifestyle, benefiting the mind, body, and more.


They don’t believe in the snooze button

Ah, an invention that seems to save lives. But, in reality, “many sleep experts agree that hitting the snooze button contributes to a tired morning and doesn’t help us feel more rested,” says Greatist. So instead of using those extra nine minutes for sleep, your employees set their alarm a little bit earlier and find the determination to get out of bed on the first one.


They eat a clean, nutritious breakfast

Food provides the fuel they need to concentrate, and luckily, they avoid Taco Bello’s tempting breakfast menu—with calorie-packed items like the Grande Scrambler—that could zap their energy before the day is over. Instead, they eat light and healthy, adding fruit, nuts, seeds, or raw oats to their meal.


They get their blood pumping

While it’s no surprise that exercise helps improve energy levels, it also improves mood, time management skills, and mental sharpness. And if your employees find the time to move a little bit before lunchtime, even if it means walking back and forth from the water fountain, they’ll feel more alert and productive for the rest of the workday.


They arrive on time

Being punctual has quite a few layers—it shows they’re interested in their work, capable of handling responsibilities, and devoted to professionalism and commitment. They’ve figured out the length of their commute, making a point to arrive on time. And they know when lateness does occur, the effects can spread throughout the workplace.


They check in with you and their team members

When employees check in, especially before lunchtime, they are setting priorities that align with your business’s goals. They schedule one-on-one meetings with you and the rest of the team. And they follow up with the next steps after each one.


They practice some form of meditation

Employees who meditate at work—even taking a few minutes to sit quietly in a comfortable room—are able to avoid stress, clear the mind, and promote effective communication. And in regard to workplace meditation, the Huffington Post writes, “The work that we do every day becomes more meaningful and we exemplify passion and creativity at powerful levels, inspiring others to do the same.”


They respond to any and all emails and messages

Arriving at work in the morning only to see a long list of emails and urgent messages can seem overwhelming. But the employees who start their day getting those specific tasks out of the way can concentrate more on other projects.


Have you ever noticed what your superstar employees do each day, especially before noon? Please let us at HealingRadiusPro know!

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