6 Ways to Ace Your Yoga Audition

7 Ways to Ace Your Yoga Audition (1)


Finding a home within a yoga studio can be intimidating as is, but what about receiving that phone call letting you know you have a teaching audition coming up? One that’s presented by you and observed by the studio owner, manager, and/or other instructors. (No pressure or anything, right?) But, don’t worry. While auditions are deemed nerve-wracking, there happens to be proven, effective ways to prepare, and even ace them! And not those wannabe (“be yourself,” “have fun,” or “just relax”) inspirational quotes, either. Take a look below to see what we mean!


1. Prepare

When it comes to preparing for an audition (or class), successful yogis suggest sticking to a basic sequence and writing it down as a subject to review, which allows you to think through the poses and refine your class. Then Rachel Scott, director of Teachers’ College and Development at YYoga in British Columbia, Canada, says to review “alignment points, breathwork, transition cuing, use of imagery, use of effective language, and thematic moment.”


2. Practice

Once your sequences are to your liking, it’s time to practice them! Practice enough to where you can do them in your sleep. (A new trend?) Really, though, performing over and over again, whether by yourself or in front of friends and family members, will help your unconsciousness weld all that hard work into your body and mind just in time for your audition.


3. Dress comfortably

You’re excited and anxious about making a great first impression. You might even feel the urge to wear the trendiest yoga outfit, which could involve something too tight or neon-like—but don’t. Wear something that fits you comfortably and that lets you move freely in and out of poses. This is your time to shine!


4. Smile

Even though adrenaline might be flowing through you, try controlling your nerves, smiling, and even sharing a laugh or two. That’ll show you’re confident, cool, and collected. You can also try making eye contact, standing up straight, and greeting your audience before you begin. Brownie points, if you will.


5. Move around

During your audition, don’t stay in one area for too long. Instead, move purposefully (and calmly) around the room, giving equal attention to your audience members and creating a sense of community between you and your “class.” It’ll also allow you to provide assistance and adjust students along the way when the real classes start.


6. Leave space for silence

If you’re someone who finds themselves uncomfortable with silence or prone to nervous chatter, then this one’s for you. Instead of talking too much during the audition, use silence as a way to hear and connect with your breath while letting your audience feel the positive effects of your practice. Silence is good.


Don’t let a rush of nervousness overwhelm you. With these easy steps, you’ll be able to prepare, practice, and dominate your audition—emphasizing the techniques you’ve learned and who you really are as an instructor. And from the HealingRadiusPro team, we say good luck!

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