3 Reasons Your Wellness Center Isn’t Growing

3 Reasons Your Wellness Center

Are you losing sleep and possibly second-guessing yourself, revisiting every decision you’ve ever made in regard to your wellness center? For instance, maybe you’ve been relying on old strategies and not focusing on building traffic to your website (assuming and hoping that you have one). Don’t fret, my friend. The team members at HealingRadiusPro want to help set up your business for growth and future success. But before that can happen, the first step is realizing where you may be going wrong. Take a look below!


No online presence

This means no website and zero social media accounts. If you’re wondering, not having the right social media platforms for your clients to reach out is the same as not having a phone line in the 1990s. What a tragedy that would’ve been, right? So today, businesses are encouraged, and even required, to embrace social media for business growth and marketing purposes. Because without an online presence, people wouldn’t be able to know how great your business is and you wouldn’t be able to engage with your target audience or spread the word about any upgrades or new services. Moreover, it’d be much harder to build a reputation as a leader or expert in your field.


Outdated marketing tactics
You may think your marketing strategies are up to speed, but there’s still a reason, or three, why your business isn’t growing as much as you’d like. One marketing no-no is having too much static. That means spending a majority of your time and effort on perfecting things like logos, color schemes, letterheads, and even the right billboard, but guess what? Browsing social media, Googling information, and reading news updates are what people love to do. They look to the Internet to pass the time, so anything content-driven is key to business exposure, and ultimately, business growth. Let’s take blog posts, for example. They need to educate and solve the same problems your products or services do. They also need to offer SEO-optimized, user-friendly, and diversified content (with additives like videos, images, or slides) that invites clients to join in on the conversation.


sdfe33445An unactivated account on HealingRadius

Now that you’ve created social media accounts and better marketing strategies, what could be next? Of course—a listing on the largest database of wellness centers in the U.S.! What good does that bring, you may be asking? Being listed in HealingRadius’ database will help you pop up within someone’s search. When people search by therapy or condition in their area, if it relates to the services you provide, then your business name will appear and they’ll be able to view your profile, read your description, and book an appointment with you online, all in the comfort of their home. You’ll stand out from the competition and gain appointments and clients like never before. And since your business is already listed, all you need to do is visit www.HealingRadius.com to activate it. 

So you’ve noticed that your growth has stopped or slowed down. Now’s the time to revisit your plan and the strategies you’ve been using, then change them around to see what works best for you. Having a fast, optimized website while using HealingRadius is an easy way to grow. Let us know what else you’ve changed in the comment section below!

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