Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts for Your Wellness Business

Don't Waste Your Time- (1)


The world of email marketing is complex. It’s sort of similar to going on a blind date and figuring out how to make a great first impression before the conversation starts. And like the dating scene, most inboxes are full of uninteresting, boring emails that are waiting for a chance. When you’re going up against each one, yours needs to stand out the most. How, you ask? For instance, play down the stuffy, professional look for a more minimalist design and write in a conversational and friendly voice. 


Luckily, HealingRadius’ email marketing strategist Allyson provides more tipsthe dos and don’ts to email marketing, such as how to get more people to click on your emails and how to make a lasting impression. Make sure you follow her easy steps to eliminate any nerve-wracking anticipation you’d normally feel after hitting send. After all, you’ve only got one chance with an email. 


Do write entertaining and informative emails that provide your recipients with something useful. Put helpful reminders in the email, due dates, or other good-to-know information. You want your recipients to look forward to receiving your emails.

Don’t write boring emails that waste people’s time.


Do get consent from your recipients, allowing you to send them emails.

Don’t spam your list!


Do make your emails as personalized as possible, and only sent to people who the email applies to.

Don’t send mass emails to all of your recipients without segmenting or personalizing your emails.


Do branch out and create unique subject lines (without tricking recipients into believing they’ll get a 15% discount out of this email when there isn’t one). My advice is to use your subject line as a call-to-action. For example: Activate your (insert product name) account, now!

Don’t be deceptive with your emails and email subject lines.


Do create strong calls-to-action or use in-text links back to your website. (Your emails are supposed to remind people of your products and bring them back to your site.) So, make it easier for them by adding in buttons and clickable links.

Don’t forget the to link back to your product, website, or social media pages.


Whether it was those red stilettos you wore (or the clever email subject line you crafted) that sealed the deal, we at HealingRadiusPro hope you enjoy a happy marriage to email marketing.

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