Yogi Wisdom for a Lasting Effect on Students

yogi wisdom

It’s very common for yoga instructors to have a profound impact on their students as we discussed earlier, and sometimes, they can say specific cues or statements that stick in the minds of those who listen intently. Whether inspirational, encouraging, eye-opening, mind-blowing, eyebrow-raising, comical, or even crazy, yoga instructors certainly enjoy imparting their yogi wisdom unto others, and we love it, too. In fact, some of the HealingRadiusPro team members have agreed to come together to share a collection of memorable statements they’ve heard first hand. Take a look below!


Tara: “My instructor has said that individuals sometimes store their emotions in their hips when they don’t know where else to put them or if they’re not ready to release them. That sounded silly at first but I can relate as I have tightening in my hips from time to time. I don’t feel that all of the emotions have to be negative; I do feel that happiness can sometimes create tension and anxiousness. The breathing and movements in yoga can help relieve this tension and enable individuals to relax and to let go of some of these stored emotions.”


Kelsey: “I like when they tell me to have an intention for the class. It keeps me motivated so I’m not just there to follow along, but rather I’m actively working toward something each class.”


Alex: “To take it one step at a time, especially if you’re building up to it, and that you don’t have to get it right the first time.”


Kat: “What sticks out most is something one of my teachers used to say, which was ‘Be grateful for this moment, just as it is and for you, just as you are.’ Then the craziest thing I’ve heard was when we were warming up for a swing yoga class, and my teacher said, ‘This is like a lube job for your joints.’”


Brittany Carrico with Elephant Journal describes more cues from yoga instructors and what they really mean. One being shine your heart, which is “the act of reaching our chest up and forward. This requires a subtle engagement of our shoulders and helps us to broaden through our chest.” Another interesting one is lengthen your side bodies, otherwise considered as “a cue meant to help us find an engagement of our centerline muscles. This cue is more often used inside reaching postures, such as triangle, where we can have the tendency to arch, rather than lengthen.”

To keep this topic going, we at HealingRadiusPro would love it if you can share some cues or statements that you say in your own yoga class. Even if they’re similar to the ones suggested by BuzzFeed, like make the backs of your thighs smile, flower your buttocks, or juice your spinewe’re not judging!

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