Morning Habits to Start the Day off Right, Feat. Teresa Howes

Morning Habits

We’re elated that Teresa of Eat, Drink and be Skinny is back to share another blog post, and why wouldn’t we be? Not only does she have 14-plus years’ experience in the weight-loss industry, but she holds a personal trainer certification, a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science, and a master’s degree in business. Moreover, she’s a nutritionist and health coach, helping people around the world work on their health and fitness. Previously, we shared her recipe for frozen pumpkin pie jars and tips to achieve a vegan Thanksgiving that goes above and beyond the traditional turkey, potatoes, and gravy. And today, it’s all about her productive morning habits that help her get through the day, and now, you! After all, life can be so hectic for business owners like yourself, that it’s important to work toward your goals and consider each day as your roadmap to success. Read below to see what she has to say!


My Morning Habits: Starting Off Strong


Now, I should break this into 3 posts really. Productive morning, afternoon, and evening habits. All with the caveat of “I’m not 100% here, but workout towards it.” Perhaps I will, but let’s start with the morning. These are the things that happen between 5-9 a.m. for me and I think have a huge impact on why I am able to keep doing what I’m doing. These are the things that I believe help keep me healthy, sane, productive, and in a perfect world, successful.


First Thing in the Morning

I set an alarm, but hardly need it to wake up and when I open my eyes, I’m happy. Even if it’s not natural, like I’m coming out of a freaky dream or dealing with a crappy life situation. When I first open my eyes I’ve trained myself to think “I’m so grateful for this life, what do I get to do today.” Then I roll over and give the grey kitty (my snooze button enabler) a little snuggle and I make a quick list of all the things I get to do that day.


I’ve conditioned myself to think in terms of “what I GET to do” not  “what I HAVE to do” so that it automatically puts me in a positive place of gratitude. It’s not even that hard to do because seriously, every day is an f-ing gift and I am, at the core of my heart and spirit, forever grateful for the life I get to live. This is one practice I have cultivated and I’m 100% with it, as it feels natural to do every day. I think this is the #1 thing that has allowed me to work independently. I don’t live an auto-pilot life, I cannot wake up and go on autopilot, I’d never get anywhere. I love my freedom, but it comes with its own set of expectations for it to continue.


Morning Water

Once I get my quick list straight in my head I turn on the light and grab the water bottle I put out the night before and finish it. Hydration is a big deal, especially since I don’t eat before I exercise, I’ve got to get something in there to get going. Then, I put my feet on the ground and go. I’m about 60% here because sometimes I drink all the water throughout the night if I didn’t fill it up right or grabbed too small of a bottle. This is easy enough to fix.


Morning Vitamins

I’m not a huge fan of supplements, mostly because I believe so strongly in the power of real food. But a few pills in the morning certainly can’t hurt and they are good incentive to get the rest of my water down. I don’t have a highly sensitive stomach, so I’m lucky I can get them down without food and have no issues. Since I realized this and moved them from the kitchen to the bathroom, I’d say I’m twice as good as I was at remembering to take them and I’d say I’m about 85% here. In case you’re wondering, I take a Super B, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and Chondroitin.


Morning Maintenance

This is stuff everybody does, face, teeth, lotion, sunscreen…you know. But I do love trying new products here and seeing what I like best. Hair goes up in a ponytail and the first pair of exercise pants of the day goes on. These are non-negotiable, I’m 100% here.


Morning Coffee

This is often the draw to getting out of bed to begin with. I love coffee. Not just the caffeine but the smell, practice, and flavor of it. Sometimes I make it bullet proof in the blender, sometimes I make it fresh in the coffee maker, sometimes I make it in the French press, and sometimes I just toss a cup of water in the microwave and add some instant coffee and go. I’m not a coffee snob at all, but I am a loyal fan which is why my detox, weight loss, and healthy menus will always allow coffee. It’s totally personal.


What I put in my coffee is as regular as how I make my coffee. Sometimes black, sometimes just honey, sometimes a little almond milk…it’s kind of whatever I have in the cupboard/fridge. Right now I have this Coconut Creamer from Soy Delicious and it is well named. It might become a part of my routine. Coffee goes down 99% of my mornings.


Morning Meditation

This is where I really want to improve. I was pretty regular for a short period of time back in November (according to my Calm meditation ap) but I really would like to be better here. While I have my morning gratitude and mini-goal setting session for the day every morning before I get out of bed, there’s something much more profound about taking 5-10 minutes, sitting up and clearing your mind, centering in on what matters most, and doing a quick body scan to see how things are working. I’m like 5% here, but 100% committed to being better in 2016.


Morning Exercise

I have to exercise in the morning. And it’s when I like to get the hard stuff done. Spin class, weights, tough runs. The stuff that I’m better off just going and doing before I have too much time to think it over. I save the easier things for the evening like yoga because that always feels like a reward and in my opinion, not the end of the world if I miss it. I’ve taken to really enjoying Motivation Coffee Walks with some key, smart, engaging, successful, urban hippy gal pals too. This feels like multi-tasking because our conversations are so productive, my brain feels cleared up, we’re getting exercise and I’m always so motivated to hit my desk and help change the world after these walks.


I workout out every Monday morning – Thursday for 1-2 hours. I’m like 85% here. I only miss it if happy hour ran too late and I’ll almost always squeeze it in later in the day if that happens.


Podcasts and Audiobooks

It’s about a 12-minute walk to and from the gym. So I end up with about 30 minutes every morning where I get to let my mind go free or fill it full of more information. I often pick the information route and will listen to whatever business book club book we’re on (right now it’s Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, very interesting) but if I’m all caught up I’ll listen to a podcast. I’m a fan of the Ted Radio Hour and Your Best Life. Plus I think walking with my headphones in makes me look cooler. Ha-ha.



I’m a huge fan of breakfast! Whether it’s a power smoothie, eggs, optimized oatmeal, or yogurt with berries. I will always eat between 8:30-9:30 in the morning and it will always include at least two colors. I’m lucky there is a market between my house and the gym so I stop every few days and pick up exactly what I need and nothing more. Some people would probably think I don’t eat, only because I run a very clean and fresh kitchen. My house isn’t the place to come in the case of the alien takeover or anything that would require you to stay in your home for a long period of time. We’ll be dead in a few days for lack of food. But I am an excellent pantry chef and do often amaze myself at what I can create out of what looks like very boring cupboard food. I digress…


I usually eat breakfast at the bar and multi-task social media on my phone. I’m 100% here, I simply can’t skip breakfast. I don’t like to eat breakfast in the “office.” Not exactly sure why because I have no problem eating lunch over there. It must have something to do with starting the day. After that it’s…


Off to shower then head into the “office.”


In support of Teresa’s productive and effective morning habits, we at HealingRadiusPro would like to hear your own and why you love them, why you chose them, or why others should try them. Until we meet again, Teresa!

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