4 Reasons Teaching Yoga is the Perfect College Job


If you’ve become a certified yoga instructor during your time in college, well, kudos to you. We at HealingRadiusPro say that now’s the perfect chance to hone your leadership skills and find independence by earning money to support your goals until (or even after) graduation. And the versatility of yoga teaching jobs is endless. In coordination with your classes, you can choose to teach in local gyms, recreation centers, or yoga studios; however, those studio gigs are tough to land without experience. The real money (we’ve read) is in teaching private classes on a daily or weekly basis. But whatever you decide, your teachings will not only help your students reduce stress and maintain focus, but you, as well.


The flexible hours

What’s so great about being a yoga instructor, especially in the midst of attending college, is the unique hours you can choose to work. There’s no 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and no 40 hours per week sitting in a tiny cubicle. Rather, you get to create your schedule around your college classes. And since they’re held at various times throughout the day, you have the chance to set yourself up for popular yoga times (early in the morning before people head into work and late in the evening after they leave work).


The chance to become a better student

As we all know, yoga greatly improves concentration, which is necessary for students to stay motivated while studying and getting through those final exams and surprise quizzes. Take that concentration needed to hold your balance in the Tree Pose, for instance. Yoga also helps lower blood pressure, activate the pleasure centers of the brain, boost memory retention, and improve the immune and nervous system.


The ability to enhance your curriculum

Yoga is one mind-body practice that aligns well with a variety of different fields of study. Whether chiropractic, nutrition, health care, or physical therapy—you’ll be able to enter into your career path with a deep understanding of how stress affects the body and how each body system, including the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory system, all have an impact on our day-to-day lives.


The opportunity to thrive as a boss

If you go the route as a self-employed yoga instructor, you will be required to hold yourself accountable and execute the work that needs to happen. That’s one step. Then, you will experience what it’s like to take full reign of your schedule, students, and business. So, whether you consider stepping out into the real world with a degree in hand or continue with yoga after graduation, teaching classes right now will help you get the feel of being your own boss.

Your passion for practicing yoga has turned into a passion for sharing yoga. And while you help students reconnect with themselves, you’re also guiding yourself through 10-page papers and restless nights in the library to study for back-to-back tests. If you think about it, it’s really a win-win. And in our quest to lead others to a healthy and holistic lifestyle, we’d love it if you can share more reasons why teaching yoga is the perfect college job.

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