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Contrary to popular belief, yoga is more than Downward-Facing Dog, trendy spandex pants, and a Lululemon mat. As a yoga instructor, you have the ability to help others remove obstacles that obscure who they really are, to become a healthier, better version of themselves. And anyone who practices or has practiced yoga can say that they’ve been touched by its transformative power. That’s why we at HealingRadiusPro decided to touch on this subject today—to reassure you that you’re not only changing your life with yoga, but also the lives of your students. Let’s take a closer look:


You’re helping students shift unhealthy patterns

Through your instruction in yoga class, you’re helping students create a mind-body connection that has a big role in transforming unhealthy patterns into healthy ones. And whatever those unhealthy patterns may be, you’re raising necessary awareness of those habits and bringing their attention to the present. One way you achieve this is by addressing and connecting every single system as a whole—including the immune system, enteric nervous system, and pain pathways—until those patterns are healed completely. Then, through different postures, you’re enabling students to feel what’s arising in their bodies and minds, helping them feel, change, and transform for the better.


You’re teaching students how to make better decisions

It doesn’t matter who the person is, there will always be decisions that must be made, including once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or ones that determine a whole new life path. While it’s a normal part of life for some people, it’s overwhelming for others, and that’s where you come in. As a yoga instructor, you’re showing them that being mindful in their yoga practice can help them be mindful in their personal lives. You’re telling them the decisions they make should be positive and truthful, ultimately bringing them closer to the life they deserve.


You’re transitioning students into happier, free-spirited people

Students gain confidence through each pose you help them with, and at the end of each class, after they’ve worked hard and felt present and connected, they will experience a sense of freedom, which is their true nature. Beyond that, many yoga instructors like yourself incorporate gratitude and kindness into classes, reminding each student to appreciate more deeply. In fact, Prevention magazine featured a study by the Journal of Holistic Nursing, saying that yogis credit their practice for making them nicer, kinder, and more patient.

So, if you’ve ever felt that you’re not making a big enough impact as a yoga instructor, just remember that you are. You’re helping others react with more awareness, show more patience and kindness, and deal with situations in a calm and healthy manner. You go, yogi! And if you have any tips or encouraging words for other instructors out there, please share them in the comment section below!

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