It’s National Get to Know Your Customers Day


January 21—National Get to Know Your Customers Day—is the perfect time to encourage, push, and remind all business owners out there that getting to know your customers is an essential part of success. Don’t you want to know who’s buying products from you? Who finds your services irreplaceable? According to a contributing writer, “Successful entrepreneurs know with exactness the wants, wishes, and buying 
behaviors of specific individuals,” continuing with, “It should be crystal clear to all of us that thoroughly knowing and understanding our customers and delivering what they want is the ultimate key to success.” So, while we think this special holiday should be celebrated more (like every day), it is an effective way to become familiar with your customers and get to know them like family.


Talk to them

We at HealingRadiusPro met with our product manager friends for this one, mostly because they speak to customers all day long, five days a week. And luckily, they’re all different in personality, vision, and culture—so here you will find the perfect selection of answers to meet your style.


Kat Wiseman: “Something I do is try to ask questions about their business. The people who call in are typically filing forms for a business they either work very closely with or started themselves, so they’re usually passionate about what they do and are willing to open up and share.”


Brittany Love: “One of the best ways to get to know your customers is by adding a personal touch. Call them to say happy birthday or simply give them a courtesy call. Sure, that could be done over an email, but isn’t it nice when someone cares enough to call? Also, after you’ve spoken with someone, follow up with a handwritten card. Nowadays, the only thing that comes in the mail is junk or bills, so it’s always exciting to get a handwritten surprise.”


Moises Mejia: “I usually start my conversations asking about their day, the weather, and where they’ve been in the past week. If they visited any countries outside of the U.S., I usually tell them I’m from the Dominican Republic, and that gets the conversation going.”


Bryan Hinson: “Being that our clients are mostly small business owners, I always ask them, ‘How is business is going?’ or ‘How is the weather where you are today?’ And we always try to end calls with, ‘Stay safe out there.’ It’s the little things that show you care, which also helps build rapport with them. Once you build that rapport, they’ll be more likely to share information with you about their needs, how they’re utilizing your product, what they like/don’t like, and then usually they’ll tell their friends about your service because a level of trust has been established.”


Connect with them on social media

Beyond asking questions and speaking with customers on a personal level, you can use social media as a way to connect with them, answer questions, build relationships, and show there’s a real person behind your business. For instance, says, “Businesses have the opportunity to use Facebook as a way to provide customers not only with great service, but a means of connecting and inspiring one another,” while Microsoft says, “Social media has benefits for both external and internal collaboration, and one of the best ways companies can use online media externally is to better connect and engage with their customers.” You’ve heard it from the top companies—social media is where you want to be.


Throw a party

Who needs an excuse to throw a party? Not today (since you’ll need some time to plan and organize), but any day after now, you can throw a party for all of your customers, a strategy that a lot of business owners use these days. And says, “If they’re done right, events are a classic way for businesses to engage their customers, whether consumer or corporate.” Whether it’s a party to celebrate a holiday, say thank you, introduce new products or services, or recognize a significant milestone, it will always be an ideal time to get to know customers on a deeper level, especially over delicious food and drinks.


We hope these simple, yet beneficial, steps will help you achieve and maintain relationships that are needed to thrive and succeed in the business world. And if you have any steps that you take to get to know your customers, we’d love it if you can share them in the comment section below!

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