Advice from Top Yogis in the Industry: Part 2


The team at HealingRadiusPro is continuing with part two of our hand-picked inspirational advice from top yoga instructors in the industry! They’re teachers, healers, and most importantly, true believers in the power and influence of yoga. When poses are constructed gracefully and correctly, they look beautiful—Instagram-worthy, in fact. But beyond that, yoga has so many elements that make it a whole. In one blog post by Alexandria Crow, she says that yoga is more than asana, it’s rather “concentration, being in the moment, untangling your ego, working hard to burn through bad patterns so you can replace them with wise ones, and trying to find ease in this impermanent world.”


Who better to hear encouraging advice than from those who have experienced triumphs and trials, and walked miles and miles to get where they are? That’s why we appreciate them and their words.


Kino MacGregor

“If you have a dream, you must face your own doubt squarely and believe in the goodness of your own idea. Against all odds you must be willing to take a stand for it, working hard for the result and even sacrificing things to stand for what you believe in.”


Tara Stiles

“I launched a business from my passion and encourage others with entrepreneurial spirits and great ideas to do the same. If you want to start something, do it! You can because you’re amazing!”


Alexandria Crow

“Without regular practice, I wouldn’t have acquired all of the tools I have to use and teach with today. My practice is for myself but also for my students. Skipping my practice is a vast disservice to both of us.”


Sadie Nardini

“Most people think they need to figure the whole process of creating their dreams from start to finish. I say, just begin. Create. Put your message out there, even if the method or vehicle is imperfect. Start before you’re ready and learn as you go.”


Elena Brower

“Our work is to hold to our own internal devotion. This is why we keep up our practices—to keep reminders of reverence nearby, so when doubt enters our environment (our own or another’s), we can hold the space naturally and effectively until the doubt dissipates.”

Teaching yoga is their profession, but it’s also their way of life. And striving to be recognized as the ultimate business management tool for wellness centers and independent therapists, HealingRadiusPro believes our readers (and the team here) can greatly benefit from their advice—advice coming from their professional and personal lives.


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