5 Professional Tips for Growing Your Business with Social Media

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Staff members have their way of contributing to the growth and success of a business. Whether they’re a part of customer support, marketing, finance, management, or another department, one thing’s for sure: they have the skills and know-how that others may not. And since I’m a writer, I decided to ask HealingRadiusPro’s social media strategist, Casey, for some key points on building a business through social media. It’s her field of expertise after all!


  1. Become the Solution

“Whatever wellness center you run, join the social conversation, do your research, see what people are talking about,” says Casey. For instance, if you manage a yoga studio, search the conversations and discussions about yoga studios. Are people complaining about something—prices, classes, instructors, fellow students? Casey stresses the importance of this step because once you find out what’s trending, you can slip in there and become the solution. Talk about what they’re talking about, help them find a way.


  1. Prove You’re More than Just Business

“Show that you’re human, that you’re more than just business.” Some businesses do this and some do not. It’s important to humanize your pages so your brand can connect with others on a more personal level. You can do this by engaging with your audience, showing a sense of humor by posting a funny meme every once in awhile, incorporating everyday language instead of business jargon, building meaningful relationships, and providing solutions like we mentioned in step number 1.


  1. Think Outside the Box

With Casey’s advice of “Always do research on what’s trending and how you can correlate that with your business,” we’re dedicating number 3 to observing spikes in search terms or researching trending topics in general. When you follow trends and learn what people are searching for, you can have more fun thinking of creative ways to share it with your audience. Thinking outside the box, we’ll call it. This will enable you to stay one step ahead of the game while surprising your viewers and increasing your brand’s reach.


  1. Manage Time Wisely

“Monitor analytics and watch when your audience is online.” Casey discusses the importance of real-time data as you’ll know when to carry out your hardcore targeting, although you shouldn’t neglect the times when your audience isn’t online because people will still be looking. It’s all about balance. You can start by measuring what’s happening on your social media pages—what times you get the most engagement and reach—and then take it from there. For instance, our marketing team has a calendar of peak times for every day of the week, which is when most posts will go live. Try it out!


  1. Go Where Your Audience Goes

“Go the extra mile to learn where your audience is and what platform they’re on.” With the long list of social media platforms out there, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+, the use of research and analytics will help you go a long way. A one-size-fits-all solution as your marketing strategy won’t work, as Casey continues to say, “It’s important to not assume that your entire audience is on Facebook just because that’s what you’re most familiar with. You’ll see when it comes to your following and engagement.” And if you see that your audience shows a lot of engagement on Instagram, use Instagram! Bada-bing, bada-boom.

We hope these tips will help in your efforts to build a business through social media since we’re all about business growth at HealingRadiusPro. Once you have everything down pat, we encourage you to try out our management program with a variety of easy-to-use features, which is free for 15 days!


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