The Perfect Match: Ayurveda Studios and Online Booking

Ayurveda Studios


Ayurveda, a system of natural healing, is known for rebalancing the body’s energy through daily guidelines and seasonal routines. While it’s your pursuit to utilize herbs, aromatherapy, meditation, dietary techniques, and other treatments to maintain your clients’ health, it’s HealingRadiusPro’s pursuit to provide a quality online booking tool for ayurvedic professionals or practitioners like yourself!

I mean, why struggle with scheduling and keeping track of appointments over the phone or with a notepad if you don’t need to? HealingRadiusPro has come up with strategies and methods to make it easier than ever for you to organize booking information in one online location.


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Ready for the deets? With our convenient and easy-to-use online booking tool, you can add, edit, move, and delete appointments, as well as confirm the canceled and rescheduled ones. But first, you need to claim your business and set up your profile through (don’t worry, it’s free, quick, and easy).

Once everything is organized to your liking, clients can then use HealingRadius’ online marketplace to check your appointment availability and book the available time that works best for them. After an appointment has been made, you will instantaneously receive an email with their selected day and time.

Another perk: HealingRadiusPro is available on any iOS or Android device, so even when you’re not in your studio or center, you’ll be able to view your appointments and manage your calendar!


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Don’t bother wasting any more of your time with slow and lengthy processes—you have HealingRadiusPro now.


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