Design Your Workspace with Zen in Mind



How’s everything going, wellness center owners? Y’all are always on our mind.

We understand that not all of us have the time or mula to accomplish a complete makeover, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process or design a space that illustrates who you are all the way to the core. Whether you choose your studio, practice, or office, it’s time to furnish with a purpose and craft a Zen den for you and your loyal customers. After all, creating a calming atmosphere in your work area shows your full commitment to spirituality.

Let’s explore how we can connect, celebrate, and grow with others:


Keep it Simple

Simplicity is key, as you don’t want to crowd your space with over-the-top furniture or decor. Too much and you’ll be crossing the line from relaxing to distracting. Instead, choose only a handful of simple elements and your most meaningful pieces and everyone will be able to settle in comfort and clear their mind.


Get Organized

Have you ever been driven to tears because you weren’t able to find what you were looking for? Yes, a lot of clutter is definitely a stress enhancer. To stay away from that feeling forever, you can begin organizing all of your belongings, files, or what have you. We all need a place that helps us escape our chaotic way of living, not remind us of it.


Tell a Story

What defines you? Are you bold or are you quiet? What scenery did you pass along the road that got you to where you are today? To tell a story of who you are through your wellness space, utilize characteristics like your favorite types of textures, surfaces, and colors that say, “Hi, everyone, this is me!”


Bring in the Outside

Did you know that stocking your space with plants can bring upon calming effects and relaxation? It’s research-approved. With that said, adding some vibrantly green plants and nature-inspired textures and patterns to your decor will definitely bring Zen to your den. Bonus: plants clear the air and help with toxins, too.


Include Natural Lighting

There’s nothing worse than a vibe killer, and bad lighting is one of them. So, stay away from fluorescents or any other culprits, and instead focus on our best friend, natural light. For instance, position your desk toward the morning sun or place your yoga students to face the window with the most daylight.


As you can see, only a few simple steps will help you decorate with intention. Create a space that gives you peace with yourself and your customers, while ignoring all the stress and problems that may be outside it.


Do you have any easy tips on how to design a wellness space? Let us know in the comments below!

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