5 Ways Acupuncturists Can Solve Scheduling Pains with HealingRadiusPro

5 Ways Acupuncturists


Envision this: It’s warm and sunny. You’re on your way to work in an eco-friendly car, driving down an empty highway with nothing but lush, green scenery surrounding you. You’re smiling, breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying life as a thriving acupuncturist. You arrive at your studio, check your schedule, and grin from ear to ear as you notice a new appointment has been booked.


With our acupuncture practice management software, it could be that easy. HealingRadiusPro makes sure your clients can book appointments online, then notifies you as soon as one has been made.


Take a look at the online appointment scheduling tool and what it entails:


  1. The Dashboard

The sole operator of your business management acts as your lifeline, the heartbeat that keeps your acupuncture services alive. When you’re inside, you’ll be able to view your upcoming appointments and appointment cancellation requests so you never have to miss anything.

  1. The Calendar

Another important way to relieve your scheduling pains is with an easy-to-use calendar. Since HealingRadiusPro runs 24/7, your clients will have access to your calendar from anywhere, at any time. They’ll be able to book appointments at their convenience which keeps your scheduling responsibilities at bay.

  1. The Staff Management Feature

As your calendar gets filled up with appointments, you can use HealingRadiusPro’s staff management feature to choose the right team members for the appointment. After all, everyone has their own skills, specialties, and qualifications for certain jobs.

  1. The On-The-Go Option

A feature we’re proud of, our acupuncture business management software is available on any iOS or Android device, giving you the freedom to manage your appointments wherever you may be. It’s the way of the future!

  1. The Quick Response

While clients book appointments online, they might have questions or concerns about your schedule. Well, that is one thing you do not need to worry about, because, with HealingRadiusPro, you can respond to them in practically no time at all!


If you’d like to find out just how convenient this tool is, click here to sign up for a free 15-day trial! Afterward, you’ll have the option of keeping your free account or upgrading to one of our affordable packages.

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