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We’ve Got 99 Problems but Management Ain’t One


Don’t judge the rap lyrics, but it’s truewe don’t worry about management over here because it’s our specialty, and the main reason we exist.

Whether you’ve run a wellness center or studio for thirty days or two years, progressing to a management role can be a rough ride as many managers often hit the same bumps in the road. It’s all part of the process. I have news, though; our team at HealingRadiusPro loves you guys and strives to help you succeed in any way we can.

Before we get into the management-y stuff on how to boost your business, we have a few basic tips that we’re confident can guide you throughout the day. The first is to allot about ten minutes each morning to drink your coffee, settle in, check emails, read messages, or whatever else helps you get goin’ at the beginning of the day. The next one is to stock up on the necessities that push and strengthen your hard-working and healthy mind, such as water, vitamins, and nutritious snacks. Those two steps seem minor but will actually give you the energy and motivation to excel all day, every day.

And now for the HealingRadiusPro-inspired ways to boost your business:


Calendar Management

Whether you want to call it calendar management or the organization maker, HealingRadiusPro provides a monthly calendar for scheduling of staff members, classes, and appointments. And with unique color-coded features, you can verify your team’s tasks and see when spots are booked, confirmed, completed, and even when a client is a no-show.


Online Appointment and Class Booking

Probably one of the best ways to boost your business, our online booking feature can help you get more customers and keep those customers. It’s true that we’re all about convenience these days, which is why HealingRadiusPro was designed for people everywhere to access your calendar and book their spot with ease, no matter where they are or what time it may be.


Reviews and Ratings

With our business management program, you’ll be able to receive input from your students, customers, or clients through online reviews and ratings. They probably have a lot of ideas or suggestions for you on how to grow your business or improve your services, so, take it and run with it!


Your Business Profile

When you claim your business, you’ll have access to your very own business profile, a way to create a positive professional image and brand identity. Why is that so important, you ask? Your profile will send a message to health and wellness enthusiasts regarding the quality of your products or services, and highlight the key aspects of your center or studio.


We hope that having some guidance will save you from being overwhelmed in your management role. Please let us know if there are any specific ways that you boost your business!

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