The Benefits of Online Booking Software for Chiropractors




Take the Pain out of Your Day with HealingRadiusPro


We give you thanks, chiropractors, because, despite your busy schedule, you manage to stay motivated and committed to your clients. I mean, who else is able to align our body’s structure to give our muscles, bones, and joints the relief they need? Amazing. To show how much we appreciate your caring work, HealingRadiusPro wants to help straighten out and align your schedule with our simplistic online booking software.


Improving Your Chiropractic Business to the Core


When you claim your chiropractic business with our online booking software, your clients will be able to book treatments, appointments, consultations, or any other service online. What’s more is that HealingRadiusPro runs 24/7, which means they can access your calendar anywhere, at any time, day or night. In addition to our easy-to-use online class scheduling for chiropractors, you can track past appointments, payments, and other client-related information in one location.


Yeah, convenience has become our middle name—we’re working it into legal documents as we speak.


When you’re in the dashboard, you’re given the option to create an unlimited list of services, prices, and descriptions for your existing and potential clients to follow. This can be a tremendous help when they are searching the web, looking for a trusty chiropractor in their area. With everything you need to gain and retain clients, you’ll have more time to focus on maintaining your techniques and enhancing your business on a daily basis.


All you need to do is visit HealingRadiusPro, click on Claim Your Business in the top right-hand corner, and select whether you represent a wellness center or work as an independent therapist. The next step is to enter your business name and location; if your business does not appear automatically, you will be able to enter the information manually. Next, enter your contact information and verify your ownership through credit card or a business-related document, and once that’s done, your business will be listed successfully!


So, what do you say? Promote and grow your chiropractic business HealingRadiusPro today!


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