Staff Management for Wellness Centers



Hello, wellness center owners. You and your staff members are devoted, hard workers, with lengthy lists of responsibilities to tackle and expectations to exceed. That’s why the team at HealingRadiusPro has created such a feature that allows you to handle those tasks and stay as organized as possible without ever growing an extra gray hair.

First, you must claim your business with us, and then you can start your journey to a stress-free workstyle, forever and for always. The staff management feature can help you manage and maintain their hours, breaks, schedules, time-off requests, and more. You can also create an eye-catching business profile with the names of your staff and their experience, certifications, qualifications, specialties, and whatever else makes them the best.

As staff gets added to your team, account, and calendar, you will have the opportunity to label each member with a unique color to differentiate one from the other. Ah, organization. With that option, there will be no mix-ups of staff information and everyone will have their own schedules. When anything changes, you can easily modify or reschedule in one location.


Ready for a Scenario?


You have been called to a two-day meeting that is held an hour and a half away from your wellness center. You get a phone call from a yoga instructor that needs to request time off because she has caught the flu. However, the classes she will miss are packed full of students. Oh, no!

With the ability to access HealingRadiusPro from your phone or tablet, you can easily replace that yoga instructor with another of the same expertise, allowing students to enjoy a well-planned yoga class. That way, you can get back to your meeting and all is well. Pretty useful, right?


In all seriousness, HealingRadiusPro is here for you. We want to help you the best way we can. So, if there’s anything you feel would suit you better or needs changing, please let us know.


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