Class Scheduling for Yoga Centers



Hello, yoga studio owners! This one’s for you. One way to grow and maintain an effective yoga studio is to offer a variety of classes for your students, whether to support their personal goals, help build strength and flexibility, promote relaxation, or provide assistance for injury rehabilitation. And if you do offer a variety of classes each day, it’s important to organize and manage your schedules to the best of ability, allowing students to feel comfortable and welcomed on every visit.


Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. HealingRadiusPro is a complete business management program that enables yoga studio owners to create a color-coded calendar for classes that are booked, confirmed, completed, or no-shows. That way, you and your staff can view upcoming appointments, reduce booking conflicts, and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with ease.


Let’s take a look at some tips of HealingRadiusPro’s class scheduling feature:

  • Schedule your rooms and staff members in one simplistic program
  • Allow students to sign up for classes from your own website
  • Create classes with maximum capacities
  • Edit class settings and update changes when necessary
  • Promote the check-in option for students so classes start sooner and last longer


We hope that not only this feature but all of our features will help manage your business more efficiently while developing peace of mind.


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