Why We Don’t Worry About Competition (And Neither Should You)

Game Face

If you were asked who your competition was in business and life, I’m sure you would immediately have an answer, right? There’s always someone you feel you are in competition with, and you want to make sure you stay ahead of them. At HealingRadius, we understand that there are others in the market who write health blogs, help people find wellness and fitness centers and provide business management software. But in all humbleness, we are confident in providing the best product and making our customers happy, which is why we don’t sweat the competition, and neither should you! Need a game plan to help you out? We’ll share our secrets.

If the Shoes Fits
I’m sure you are aware of the pushy car salesman and the pitch they give to convince people to buy the best model of a car, which is always the most expensive version. Well, that shouldn’t be your goal in your business. You set out on a mission to help people, be it to heal them, make them feel better or help them with their goals. It wasn’t a mission to beat your competitor. So why is that the case now?

Forget the competition and get back to your customers. What are your clients looking for and how can your services fit their needs? This isn’t a game of letting me sell you my best product. No, it’s about talking and addressing what your customers specifically wants and how your services align.

Offer Better Services
I know you’re probably thinking that to offer better services you have to know what everyone else is offering, which makes my blog sound counterintuitive, but let me explain. When you rely on watching and waiting to see what your competitors are doing, you’re already behind the ball. Go with your original idea. Your first thought and plan for your company is valuable, so use it. It’s time you stop playing catch-up and copy-cat.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments
Too often we look down at our beginnings because they aren’t the same as someone’s middle. If you stop comparing ourselves to others and celebrate the gains in your business, trust us, you’ll become more confident about your success. If we spent time worrying about the other guy’s success, we would miss our own. Celebrate the small gains and know that one day you’ll have big successes like your competitors.

Just Do It
Too often we talk about how we are going to stop our faulty habits but we never actually do anything. Escape the trap of always copying and watching your competition and have the motivation to start your path. Constantly feeling that someone else out there is better than you will never help you start, so why worry about it? Embrace your gains, and learn from your mistakes. This is your path, and you can do it.

It’s not worth to compare yourself with other. Share your personally gifts and talents with the world and don’t let the fear of someone being better than you stop you, ever.

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