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Why Wait Another Day?
It’s true; people in your area are eagerly waiting for you to claim your business on Why, you ask? It’s so that they can learn about your company, check out your services, book appointments and pay online. So, why wait? Claim your business, today!
How To Claim Your Business
Claiming your business is the easiest way to get your brand more recognition, gain more customers and keep everything organized. And, it’s simple and easy to get started.

The first step on your journey to join our free community is to visit Once there, feel free to peruse the website and become accustomed to all that we have to offer.

Claim Time
When you’re ready, go to the top, right-hand corner and click on Are You a Wellness or Fitness Center Owner (or you can follow this link). From there you will be prompted to select if you own your studio/center or if you are an independent therapist/trainer. Fill out the required information to get your business on the map. Remember, it’s free!

Verification Process
We want to ensure that no one else but you is allowed to claim your business. That’s why we ask you to verify your business, using two methods: verify by company credit card or by sending in your business license or other business related document to our support team.

  • Business Credit Card: When you verify with your business credit card, and it matches your business address, we will grant your instant access to HealingRadiusPro. It is the quickest way to get you started on marketing, balancing and growing your business. Please know and trust us that we will never charge anything to your card without your permission.
  • Supporting Documentation: Sending in documents that show you own your business to our support gurus is another way to gain access to our community. It’s a simple uploading process, and we will begin reading them as soon as we receive them. The process might take up to three or four days to approve your business. But if you are too eager to wait you can always opt in for our credit card option.


Once you have filled out and completed all the required fields your business will be added to HealingRadius! Plus, when you claim your business you will have access to our business management program called HealingRadiusPro. Not only can you grow your business on HealingRadius but you can organize and manage it with HealingRadiusPro.
We’re eager to welcome you to our holistic health community! So what are you waiting for? Join us, today!

Did you love learning about how to claim your business on If so, let us know in the comment section below.

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