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Ghost Town Google Plus

When Google Plus first launched in 2011, people were skeptical about the social media platform, much like they were to Twitter in 2006. People joined the network to interact more with people they knew, but in only a short amount of time Google Plus was called a ghost town. There were no pictures of former high school friends or status updates to follow as had been the case with Facebook in 2004. You couldn’t update your profile to show your daily accomplishments or activities. It was a very different social media platform and people were reluctant to join.

However, Google Plus might not be the ghost town or the underdog social media platform that people assume it to be. It is a very useful tool for professionals to grow their network of people and for businesses to attract new customers. Don’t believe me? Here’s some enlightening information on the black sheep known as Google Plus and why your business should harness its awesome powers.

Google Plus, Who?

At SecondBrick Technologies, owners of HealingRadius, we use Google for just about everything. We share all of our writing and content through Google Docs, our email routes through Gmail, and we use Google Plus to network with other health enthusiasts. But, what exactly is Google Plus?

Google Plus is a social network that is linked to your Google account. At first glance, the social media platform seems like other standard sites, where you can add contacts to circles and prioritize your interest based on entertainment, sports, news, etc. But one of its greatest features is that you don’t have to add your family and friends to communicate with others. Google Plus helps network and connect you with people who match your interest level. What makes it so great for businesses is that you no longer have to compete with baby and engagement pictures when trying to promote your services.

How It Helps

For a small wellness or fitness studio or an independent therapist, having Google Plus is a must! Why is that you ask? It just so happens that Google Plus works hand-in-hand with only the greatest search engine in the world: Google. Pairing yourself with this search engine giant, your business could rank higher in search results and also on Google for Business Services. These services can help you draw more customers to your business’ website by providing them with vital information—location, directions, phone number, photo, reviews and more, all from a single search page. And what’s more, with Google Plus you can promote a post and specials and deals to a range of people.

Business Game Plan

As mentioned before, Google Plus is unlike any other social media platform on the market today. This platform is owned and operated by Google, and with that comes the greatest tool and what us techies like to call SEO value. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a variety of different equations and keywords that helps you and your business get noticed by the internet robots. When you enter a search request in Google, let’s say, “restaurants near me,” Google uses the keywords “restaurants” and “near” to locate websites that are the most relevant to what you are searching for. Google is only going to provide you with restaurant options and shoe stores because of SEO tools. With certain key phrases and Google Plus in your toolbelt, your business could benefit from faster Google search results, gaining your more customers in the end.

To make using Google Plus easier and more effective for your business, here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts of Google Plus:


  • Images: Adding an image of your business to your Google Plus page will help your SEO and also earn you the trust of customers. According to Austin Paley, corporate marketing communications manager for Blue Fountain Media, “In general, users will feel much more secure in working with your business online if they can see where you are located and what your offices and employees actually look like.” 

  • Make Your Post Pop: You don’t spend your days reading a boring blog post without the pop and spark to it, right? So why expect your customers to do the same? Make your post stand out with distinct styles of font and #hashtags. Hashtags are the new way of speaking in the tech world, and it can work wonders in connecting people to your site. 
  • Target Your Audience: Just like you target your business market, the same applies to Google Plus. Do your homework. Post relevant blogs and news information that have the most interest to your audience. See what your circles are discussing and what products they are most interested in. It can help you plan your business strategy to attract more people. 
  • Ask for Reviews: Reviews are the best way to build credibility for your business. Allowing people to comment and leave their feedback can make you stand out from your competitors. 


  • Forget to Claim Your Business: Claiming your business with Google is the only way you can have access to the SEO tools and people who could be searching for a company like yours. 
  • Wait For Them To Find You: Waiting for customers to find your business online takes away the power and effectiveness of your business marketing department. Unlike Facebook business that requires customers to reach out to businesses, Google Plus lets you write and communicate with customers first. You could offer customers discounts, coupons or a simple hello message. 
  • Forget About Your Circles: Dividing your clients into circles is one of the best ways to ensure that you are sending only relevant information to each group. If you own a fitness center that offers a variety of classes, sending the relevant class information to each circle is important. You wouldn’t want to bog down your Aerobics circle with kickboxing information. 
  • Only Use Google Plus: I know I just told you all about the awesomeness of Google Plus, however, because it is still in its infancy, not many people use it. Your business still needs to work on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which have millions of followers, to continuously spread the word and reach out to potential and current customers. 

Google Plus is a fantastic platform to help your business network and connect with new clients and current ones. But, why stop there? By claiming your business on, you have all the same advantages as provided by Google Plus. You have the options to allow your customers to book class and session appointments, pay for the time and leave feedback. 

HealingRadiusPro, a business management software, also gives you the opportunity to provide special deals and promotional offers, set class schedules, manage your employees, year-end reporting, a free, customizable website, and much more! With Google Plus and HealingRadius, your business is about to skyrocket. Are you ready? Give it a try, today!

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