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Everything you’ll ever need to manage your entire business from one convenient online location is waiting for you! Here at HealingRadius, we want to make the world a healthier place. The goal of our site is to help people find studios, manage reviews, check availability, find special deals and promotions, and book appointments with wellness and fitness centers. But since we are from the Rock Hill, SC, our southern hospitality doesn’t end there!

We have created a management program called HealingRadiusPro with you in mind. It’s for wellness and fitness professionals wanting to manage and grow their entire business with ease. HealingRadiusPro will help you handle your leads, customers and online scheduling, manage staff, accounts and year-end reporting.

Want to hear more? Claim your business on HealingRadius and get ready to enjoy the many features of HealingRadiusPro.

Business Dashboard
Wouldn’t it be nice to track all aspects of your wellness or fitness business in one easy to use place? Allow me to introduce you to your business dashboard. The dashboard can show you real-time analytics of your business’ progress and growth. From finances and expenditures to appointments and birthdays, your dashboard has it all. You can track class attendance, change appointment times, edit your business information, update your calendar, manager your employees timesheets and payroll and have a real-time view of your business’ finances. The dashboard is your organized home for all of your business needs, today, and tomorrow.

Client Portal
Wouldn’t it be easier to have all of your customer’s information in one area, instead of fumbling and shifting through paperwork to find it? HealingRadiusPro offers you exclusive access to your client’s attendance records, payment history and classes and appointment sign-ups. Also, on your client portal you have the ability to:

  • Customer booking and QR Code check-in capabilities  
  • Payment processing and invoicing
  • Email marketing for reminders, renewals, schedule changes, and more

Staff Management:
Give your staff the undivided attention they deserve with our easy-to-use personnel management feature on your dashboard. You can schedule the appointments and classes, breaks and well-deserved vacation time. Fine tune your staff’s specialties, treatment concentration, bilingual abilities, etc. To make your life even that much easier, you can issue and track their payroll.

Just in case you need that list again, with HealingRadiusPro you can:

  • Maintain scheduling, hours, time-off requests and wages
  • Track payroll and access payroll archives
  • Individual login for staff
  • Assign and manage tasks and activities

Online Booking Opportunities
People love instantaneous access and verification. So why not give your business that opportunity? With the online booking feature, you can have new and returning customers book and pay for appointments or classes with ease. This option allows customers to choose what time slots work best for them while helping you keep up with the payment and booking management. In addition to that the online booking feature allows you to:

  • Make updates to the calendar as changes occur
  • Illustrate classes and times with the unique color-coded feature
  • Link our online booking tool from your website
  • Easily process credit cards and other forms of payment

Real-Time Financial Details
Relax and let HealingRadiusPro show you real-time finances of your business. We offer a feature that will allow you to monitor your weekly, monthly and yearly financial reports, including expenditures and profits. It can help you keep a pulse on the growth of your business by:

  • Keeping track of business goals and expenses
  • Measuring your success with customized reports
  • Gauging growth and retention rates by archiving history and activity
  • Tracking trends within your business


Of course, there is so much more to see and learn about, including promotional and email marketing features, 24/7 support center, room, inventory and staff management and so much more! Don’t believe me? Give it a try, today! Claim your business with and see what we can do for you.

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