Before It’s Too Late: Five Tips To Help You Keep Your Best Employees



“Keep your eyes on the ball.”

When you were a kid, do you remember your baseball coach or your parents telling you this when you were learning to hit a ball? At the time, they wanted to help you improve your hand-eye coordination. However, the real lesson went much deeper, teaching you to set a goal and focus on the objective.

As a business owner and an employer, you still follow that lesson, today. Your focus is ever set on growing your company and helping people develop a healthy lifestyle. Not only have you put in the time, effort and money, but you have also hired people to help you. Your employees manage clients, teach classes, run the studio and ensure that your business’ mission is fulfilled at the end of the day. They are your company’s best asset. Unfortunately, though, they can give you their notice and two weeks later they’re gone, offsetting your business focus.

Every company loses excellent employees, but through proactive strategies and a little advice you can lower the turnover rate. How? Well, contrary to what your coach and parents once told you, stop watching the ball and focus on the people who help you. You have the power to, as Sarah Kauss—CEO and founder of S’well— would say, “build a culture of opportunity that keeps star talent motivated, inspired and a part of our team for the long haul.” Give your employees opportunities that motivate them to stay and continue to grow with your business.


Learning Environment
People seek as many opportunities as they can to learn and gain a deeper insight. By providing your employees the opportunity to learn and advance within your business, they will be more inspired to stay.

Let them be challenged by new obstacles, experience new task and assignments or learn the role of another department. Giving your employee the opportunity to learn what they like or don’t like is a sure way to help them develop and hone their interest with your company. By fostering an environment in which employees can learn something new, they will most likely stay.

An example to try in your wellness or fitness center is to allow your employees to teach a different class style or work the front counter. By giving them an opportunity to learn a new skill within your company, it can motivate them in wanting to stay with your business.


Make it Fun
Who said that you can’t have fun in the workplace? Bringing excitement to your business can renew energy, improve communication and teamwork. A lighter mood can also allow more freedom of expression and, of course, laughter.

The gurus of HealingRadius enjoy a daily dose of ping pong games to help us get our creative energies flowing, as well as creating a healthy work atmosphere built on teamwork. So, keep it real, make it fun and have a good time!

Know Their Motivations
Today, over four generations of people are in the working field. With that comes an eclectic grouping of interest and motivations. As an employer, it’s important to recognize the differences and work to accommodate each generation type.

  • Baby Boomers: These workers were born in the 1940s and 50s and are used to spending their entire career working for just one company.
  • Generation X: Those born in the late 1950s, 60s, and 70s are known for their work ethic and their loyalty to their company.
  • Millennials: The 1980s and 90s babies fall into this age range. These workers want to contribute to the greater good and are the starting generation of technology.
  • Generation Z: The children of the 2000s, are entering the career field as they attend high school. They are born into technology and have a need for a fast-paced work environment.

By understanding the work ethic and generational interest of your employees, you can tune your business strategy to each. Employees all have different desires but knowing that they can grow and build their own future with your company will help maintain their loyalty.

Communication is Vital
We all hate not being in the know of something or the one left out of the conversation. So why make your employees feel the same? Communicating and letting your employees know what is going on within your business is a sure way to instill confidence and security in your employees. I’m not talking about sharing day-to-day memos, but sharing deeper information about where the business is heading and their future with the company. By opening up your lines of communication, you can instantly make your employees feel valued, inspiring them to work harder for you and your company’s goal.

Let Them Go

I know this might make my blog seem counterintuitive, but hear me out. We oftentimes have a very hard time letting things go, especially people we are close to or who might work hard for our company. We don’t want to lose their knowledge, experience or mentorship, but there is always a bigger picture to the story. This is where my baseball story fits in. Sometimes, it’s not about keeping your eye on the ball but about where you are going to hit it. You don’t need only to focus on your business but your employees and their career advances. Encourage your employees to hit home runs even if it’s on another team. Support them in their decisions and know that it is for the greater good of their life.An example of this would be if you had an instructor that had the opportunity to work for a larger fitness club. Instead of sheltering that talent for yourself, let them know that you support them in their decision to expand their career. They have the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. In the end, your employee will always see you as a great employer because you believed in them.Remember, life isn’t always about being focused on the ball; sometimes you need to watch where it’s going and the possible benefits. Believe in your employees and give them a chance to shine.

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