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Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, I want to give a quick introduction to HealingRadius and HealingRadiusPro. What exactly started it all? Well, it was the ambition to help the world adopt a natural and healthy lifestyle by exploring alternative healing methods and using fewer prescription drugs—that’s HealingRadius. Then we thought about the business owners, practitioners and independent therapists in the wellness and fitness industries—the ones who dedicate their lives to helping others. Today, we’re working hard to provide many features that can assist you in handling your leads, customers and online scheduling, managing staff, accounts and year-end reporting, and much more!To help you become more acquainted with us, we’ve put together 10 interesting facts that cover the basic ins and outs of who we are as a whole:

1. The Idea
HealingRadiusPro was designed in 2014 with the idea to provide essential tools for business growth in the wellness and fitness industries. Now, we strive to become the ultimate business management program that includes free access to HealingRadius.com. With that comes a listing in an exclusive marketplace of more than 100,000 centers throughout the U.S. and beyond. Ultimately, we want you to say, “Growing my business has never been easier!”

2. The Value
Claiming your business is free because we are here to help you thrive! For instance, our $0 for life “Grow” package is the perfect solution for someone with a small business. You can book up to five classes or appointments per month, provide up-to-date information and be aware of what your customers are saying about you! For an established business with more locations or staff, you can access our extended features with one of our four packages.

3. The Convenience Besides the Web, HealingRadiusPro is offered as a mobile app—compatible with Android devices, iPhones and tablets—so you can have full access to your account while on the go. Our mobile features allow you to expand your reach, manage your business anywhere at any time and respond to customer questions, concerns and feedback quickly. Did your life just get a little easier?
4. The Pros
The HealingRadiusPro “pros” consist of driven, devoted and spirited individuals who make health and wellness a top priority. On an ongoing basis, we discuss strategies and explore various alternative therapies to empower the community and help balance wellness and fitness businesses with management tools. Our writers and marketing experts do believe that the power of teamwork will help grow this small-town business to an international provider of management services.

5. The Techies
As you know, HealingRadiusPro is a business management tool developed with wellness and fitness professionals in mind. The mission here is to continue developing a high-quality program for those individuals and to help their business grow and succeed. In addition, the “techies” promise to focus on adding features and making HealingRadiusPro the best it can be.

6. The Blog

HealingRadiusPro offers a blog full of rich content about business management, marketing, social media and many other interesting topics. With the desire to educate industry leaders, our group of writers spend time researching several topics in the wellness and fitness fields to provide helpful advice and tips on growing a business. We also love featuring blog posts from our users, so get in touch with us or send over your blogs!

7. The Support
We want to help your business thrive and we’re here to support you 24/7. Our features are easy to use and created with your business in mind, but sometimes you may want a deeper explanation. We’re always happy to connect and help in any way we can! 

8. The Tweets and Deets
HealingRadiusPro is present on all major social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Plus. We have a passion for going the extra mile to interact with our followers and get to know our people. We also strive to gain credibility through our daily advice, tips and blog posts. If you haven’t done so already, follow us on social media!

9. The Goal
We understand that as business owners, practitioners and independent therapists, you juggle many tasks at once. Between managing staff, scheduling classes and fulfilling several duties on a daily basis, there can be little time left over to focus on your true passion: your clients, students or customers. Our main goal is to help you help other people.

10. The Whereabouts
“Big ideas grow in small towns” is what we like to say when discussing our head office in the beautiful, small town of Rock Hill, SC. Nestled on historic Main Street, HealingRadiusPro is unlike any large corporation, as we’re surrounded by hometown vibes, southern hospitality and fresh-brewed sweet tea. Please feel free to stop by and say hello if you’re in the area. We’d love to meet you!

There you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about us and we look forward to learning about you!

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