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Do Unto Others

When you first started your business, you probably didn’t notice the community around you, anticipating your arrival or wondering when you were going to open your doors to the public. You were busy worrying about if you had all that right equipment, if your staff was ready to go, or if customers would visit—all perfectly normal things to be thinking about prior to opening day.

But, your community was always there, watching, waiting and supporting your business. They were the ones responsible for getting the word out about your new studio and were probably the first in line on your opening day. They supported you; now it’s your turn. Why not give back to your community, today! Here’s how:

1. Sponsorship

It’s likely that someone you know or members of your staff has a child that plays on a youth sports team. Or maybe you drive by the local baseball field and see community leagues playing. No matter the circumstance, the community’s support is essential for these sports organizations. Support the local teams and sponsor them! It’s a simple way to contribute without much time investment.

2. Offer Your Skills

You bring a unique feature to your community and hold an expertise that’s of value to others. Why not block off time during your business day to walk out to the community park for an impromptu yoga or Tai Chi session? It’s a great way provide your community members with a service that might be unavailable to them at the current time.

3. Charity Jar

Have you ever gone into a retail store and saw a collection jar for various charities? They are useful in supporting communal events or foundations without much time commitment. Select a local charity to support and set up a station where your members and customers can donate.

4. Adopt-a-Brick

Is there a new building going up in your town, or are any new walkways being paved? If so, this would be an excellent time to pitch the idea to adopt a brick. These programs are a popular way to give back to the community. A purchase of a brick can help build the next community space, as well as giving you some free advertising.

5. Volunteer Day

Although you might have to consider this a loss of a work day, scheduling a day to volunteer around the community is a great way to give back. Gather your employees together and offer a helping hand, whether it be building a house for Habitat for Humanity or serving soup at a local homeless shelter. Volunteering is also an excellent team building exercise for your employees.

Your community was there from the beginning. It’s time to share the common good and help out your neighbor, today.

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