The Heart of Your Business

Appreciating Your Employees to the Fullest!

When we meet someone for the first time, we are typically asked the question, “what do you do for a living?” The manner to which we respond is dependent on our opinion of the company and the people in charge.

As a business professional, these replies represent the company and its brand, as well as you. Give your employees reasons to sing your company’s praises by making them feel like an essential team member and valued worker. As the life link between you and the customers, employees are your business’ bread and butter.

Follow these suggestions to treat your employees like the heart of your business!

Say Thank You!

Everyone appreciates a “thank you” now and then as a reminder that he or she is valued and appreciated, but don’t just stop there! Follow the kind and complimentary phrase with specifics on what your employee did well.
An example

  • Excellent Way: Hey Dave, thank you for turning in the article last night. I appreciate you staying late to complete it. Your review is quite extensive, especially when you analyzed the specifics of the event. Again, thanks! 
  • Fair Way: Hey Dave, thank you for turning in the article last night. 

Although the first approach may take longer, the time is well spent. Let your employees know that you made the effort to read their work and that you are sincere by approaching a “thank you” in this way.

Share the Vision

Who is the primary person your customers interact with when they visit your business? That’s right—your employees! Hiring the ideal worker is essential to growing your company. Their pleasant demeanor and confidence in your product can boost sales, as well as popularity. Outside of the office, employees interact with potential customers on a daily basis, so why not give them something to boast about when it comes to talking about where they work?

Sharing your vision is also another fundamental part of keeping workers at the heart of your business. Let them in on your plans and listen to their feedback. They understand your customers’ needs and desires, and can help you to build a better service.

Give Them Confidence

Employees who are confident and appear as if they have ownership over their job are an essential asset to your company. When a person feels as if they are in control and can influence what the customer is purchasing, they provide the best service. Turn over the reins sometime; it could be beneficial!

Another key element to making your employees feel important is to erase the idea that “everyone is replaceable.” Inform your workers that they offer a unique perspective to the job and you are happy they are a part of the team. This recognition can make the biggest difference in how they feel about your business operation and tactics.

Challenge Them

Every job has a list of monotonous tasks that are essential to daily production. Break-up the workday by assigning challenging projects, too! Not only will these projects expose your employees to new concepts, it also lets them know that you trust them enough to tackle a tough job on their own.

Show some appreciation to your workers, create a little fun in the workplace, and enjoy the benefits! The customers may be significant, but you will always need loyal and friendly employees as the heart of your business.

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