How Your Business Can Benefit From Customer Feedback

Be The Best Your Business Can Be

When you first opened your business, you had an idea of the structure of your company, what you will offer and what will be the money maker. But, while you were making plans, the market was shifting and changing as the ideas and demands of customers evolved. So what should you do now? Well, you don’t have to look far for the answers—your customers have done the work for you!

Listening to what your customers are saying and what they are interested in is the clearest way to know the right next move for your business. Your job as an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It’s tough, and it continuously has you modifying your company plan and adapting to embrace change. To help you out, I have five tips to guide you in making changes to your business approach with the feedback you received from your customers.

1. Brain Power

Wise men always said, two heads are better than one. It’s true! When you have an idea, don’t you look to your co-worker to hear their opinion? Well, I know I do. People who can test your new business strategy, try out a new class or use a different type of membership can give you an honest outlook on the effectiveness of your plan. Amanda Steinberg, CEO and founder of DailyWorth, says, “when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re bound to think that everything you do is great. To succeed, you need to know the truth. Keep your friends close and your product testers closer.”

2. Change When Necessary

We all cringe when we read a bad review, let alone if we receive a bad review. One of the toughest lessons you learn in business, however, is that you can’t please everyone. There will be services that one person might not like, but maybe it’s just not for them. Before taking decisive action and eliminating the features that one person didn’t like, think about how it could impact other customers that actually enjoy the service. Make changes when you’ve received enough feedback that justify and warrant it. As Emir Turan founder of Giggem says, “you have to have enough data to decide to take a turn.”

3. Keep it Simple

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” What does this mean for your business exactly? To start small and simple. Don’t rush in adding classes or a variety to your studio just yet. As your customer base grows, experiment and find out what your customers are interested in before adding random features.

4. You are the Target Customer

Sounds strange, I know, but hear me out! You started your company because of your interest in the practice, and because you realized there was a need for it in your community. It was you that decided to bring Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. studio to your area, so you should design features and classes that are of interest to you. Lee Hnetinka, co-founder of WunWun says that, “we consider ourselves the biggest users and therefore build things we would want. Build what you want.”

5. “Always be Adapting”

Salespeople believe in the slogan, “always be closing.” It helps them keep focused on the task to close every deal they have with their customers. For an entrepreneur like yourself, you too should have a mantra, “always be adapting.” This can be used in a variety of formats. You can (and should) change your features, your customer service, your website or marketing, etc to meet the demands of your customers and help you grow your business faster.

What type of feedback have you used that made your company better? Let us know!

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