How to Promote and Sell Your Services

Sell, Sell, Sell

Your hands are shaking, and your voice slightly trembles. “OK sir, that brings your total to $350. How would you like to pay?” You are not a fan of this part. It was no problem telling the potential customer about all of your great services, but when it came time to discuss money and to seal the deal, you got nervous. This reaction is perfectly normal! No matter the occupation, at one point or another we all had to put on our best convincing poker face and sell, sell, sell.

My first experience in sales, I was trying to convince people to buy a turkey leg and a large lemonade, but I wasn’t having any luck. All the customers opted to go for the smaller size, spending less money. However, with a few tips and tricks, I learned the secret to selling and could convince any customers that walked up to buy the $15 combo. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Be Personable

We all say the same three sentences when we greet someone: “Hello! How are you? I’m good, thanks.” Although these are perfectly acceptable to say, they don’t send a very personable message. In business, you don’t want to limit your conversation to just accommodation and politeness, get personable.

Greeting someone in a different, more elaborate way lets them know that you are more willing to get to know them and have an interest in their potential answer or reply. Engaging in a meaningful conversation is essential for good business!

Here are some examples that can get you past the monotony of Hello:

  • It’s Friday, and I am looking forward to the weekend. What about you? Do you have any big plans or are you chalking this one up as a relaxing weekend? 

  • Oh, you’re from (insert place here). I’ve never been there and would love to go sometime. Any must see places or stops?

Build a Prospect List

What I mean by this is to discover who your potential clients are and reach out to them. Cold calling people can seem intimidating, so let’s call it warm calling. Sounding better already, right?

Warm calling people is a call that has a creative reason, instead of a call that seems spontaneous and unmotivated. An example of warm calling would be reaching out to someone who just visited your center or inquired to learn more about what you have to offer. You already have a general sense that they are interested in your business, now you can give them a confident call to tell them more.

With HealingRadiusPro, we can make this an easier step. Our features let you see who is interested in your business and build a list of contacts all in one online location.

Use the Force
OK, maybe not with lightsabers but reinforce the importance of your services. Your customers want to know the answer to the “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) question. Being able to provide an answer will seal the deal every single time.

Going back to my original example of the turkey leg and lemonade, I could sell this outrageously priced combo because I provided customers the answer to the WIIFM question. If they bought a turkey leg, it had enough protein to keep them full for the rest of the day so that wouldn’t have to spend any more money on food. And if they included the lemonade, they could get it refilled for the entire rest of the fair week for a smaller, more cost-effective fee. So in the end, I convinced my customers to buy the combo because it would save them more money.

Let your customers know that you are on their side and are willing to help them as much as possible.

Ask For It
You’ll never know unless you ask, right? Well, you can apply that same principle to selling your services to your clients. You can say all the right things, but if you fail to ask for the sale, you are never going to close on the deal. Here are a few suggestions:

  • “Let’s move forward and sign you up for a membership.” 
  • “Ready to get started with us?” 
  • “Why not try our membership or this class out, today.” 

Asking for the sale shouldn’t make you nervous. The best case scenario, you get a new customer. The worst, a customer could say no and give their reasonings, which shouldn’t be seen as bad. You gained valuable information about what your potential clients are searching for, and you are better prepared to captivate them next time.

Selling your services and promoting your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember that your customers are people too and they want to know that you have their best interest in mind.

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