Brighten Up Your Business With Holiday Specials

Celebrate Good Times, Come on!

America’s birthday is right around the corner, meaning that summer is in full-swing, and school’s out for recess. It’s during this time that most people decide to pack their bags and travel to a new destination for their annual vacation trip. As exciting as it is to welcome the warm, crisp summer air, are you noticing any changes with your studio’s attendance or appointments? No need to panic! Summer and holiday seasons are actually the best time to get more customers into your studio than ever before. 

Boost Your Holiday Attendance 

We’ve all seen the ads: “Sign up for your next class free when you enroll in our membership program.” Sounds appealing, right?

According to Marketing Insights, 71 percent of people decide to visit your studio because of the incentives you offer, giving them the most bang they can get for their buck.

So if summer is driving away all your business, provide your new and current customers specials that will have them wanting to check out your studio before they leave town. Not only will they feel rejuvenated before going to their destination, they’ll want to come back for more. And with the holidays right around the corner, why not send out some extra cheer with discounts? 

Let’s Set Sale!

Most businesses worry that their discounts will turn sour, so using the most effective strategy for your business is a must. Here are some quick tips and ideas to get you into the holiday spirit to brighten up your business!

  • Hold a Contest: Competitions are the best way to get the most people through your doors! Give your members the opportunity to show how much they have advanced with your services and lessons. Whether it be how long they can hold an inverted yoga pose or how many deadlifts they can do in CrossFit, give your customers the chance to compete for a prize discount or free membership. 
  • Freebies: Award the fifteenth person that walks through your door with a discounted service! Since it is randomized, a new or existing customer could be the lucky person to receive a free service. Why not randomly make someone’s day? 
  • Loyalty Card: The best way to make a new customer a repeat member is to give them an incentive for returning. A loyalty card that rewards them a free class after their seventh visit or example is a terrific strategy! 
  • Offer Group Discounts: The best way to get people talking is to get them in a group. Take advantage of that! Offering a group of five a discount to a class is an excellent way to get them interested in trying out your services. Additionally, this can encourage them to make this a fun group activity that they all can do each week.

Time to Paint the Town!

You know what to offer your customers to encourage them to visit and enroll in your studio, but how do you get the word out? It’s easier than you think!

  • Signs and Banners: With 4th of July right around the corner, decorate your studio with patriotic displays that will draw attention to your business. Advertising your deals and promotions won’t seem out of place. 
  • Mascots: Would the statue of liberty doing an inverted yoga pose on the side of the street catch your attention? Of course you would! You want to know what’s being promoted. Catching potential client’s eye with a clever marketing tip will pay off. 
  • Social Networking: One of the most reliable ways to make sure people hear about your special promotions is to publish it on social media. Joining such sites can also help you keep up with what customers are talking about and what interest them. 
  • HealingRadiusPro: Here is where we come in! When you claim your business with HRPRO you are automatically connected to the stream of users searching for studios in their area. Catch their attention by posting money-saving offers on your business’ page. They can take advantage of the offer, check availability, enroll in a session and pay all in one convenient location. Easy for them, easier for you! 

Summer is an exciting time and should be celebrated! Offer your new and existing customers the deal of the holiday season.

Did you love learning quick suggestions to boost your summer attendance? If so, let us know in the comment section below or share your own special promotion success story.

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