Six Secrets for a Successful Yoga Studio

Never Dream About Success, Work for It!

You found a location, opened your studio and gathered an extremely motivated group of yoga instructors—congratulations! You have worked hard and now get to enjoy sharing the practice of yoga with others. Here are six secrets that can help you continue to grow and maintain a loyal staff and happy customers.

Establish Ground Rules

Not setting rules for the studio, instructors or students could be asking for trouble! Try working these guidelines into your business operation, and rest easy knowing there is a plan.

  • Enforce Timeliness: We all dislike waiting around, especially for a service scheduled at a designated time. When an instructor is late, or the class falls behind schedule, it can truncate the day’s remaining sessions. Keep your customers and your instructors happy by setting a strict timetable!
  • Pre-Class Etiquette: For some studios, the main waiting area abuts the entrance to the studio room. Unfortunately, without properly setting a “quiet rule,” the outside commotion can disturb a class in session. To avoid the feeling of disrespectfulness toward the teacher leading a class, have your staff speak in low tones to the waiting customers. Customers will follow suit, keeping their conversations low and to a minimum.
  • Class Etiquette: I don’t believe anyone wants to hear “The Entertainer” ringtone during savasana. Ask your customers to disconnect from the world for an hour and place their silenced cell phone in cubbies or their bags. You may vocalize this to a group of waiting people or place signs around the studio as a reminder.

Give Prime Spots to New Instructors

Teaching only a small group of yogis week after week could get discouraging for any instructor. Although most top instructors teach during the prime class slots, giving new instructors a chance to show their talent can be beneficial for your business.

  • Confidence Boost: Keep your new instructor loyal to your studio by letting them know you trust them, and giving a prime teaching spot to an instructor is a great way to boost their confidence.
  • Exposure for Clientele: Giving your customers the experience of new instructors can help ensure that if your top teacher leaves, your whole customer base will not leave with them. It is also healthy to change the teaching rotation now and then.

Adhere to a Specific Class Size

Squished in a small room with limited space to move is not what your customers had in mind when they signed up for your studio. Although large classes are an indication that your instructors are effective, it could quickly turn sour. Overcrowding can be a fire hazard, compromising the safety of the class.

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Discuss Client Feedback With Instructors

Feedback from customers, whether verbal or written, should be handled with professionalism. Be open and truthful with your instructors and share with them all feedback, both positive and negative, for these following reasons:

  • Be the Manager: Send the correct message to your staff that customers are a priority for your business. Making them happy is important.
  • Spark Conversation: A professional relationship can form between owner and instructor by discussing customer feedback. Make an assessment of every review before sharing it with your staff. Sharing what people are saying will let the instructor know that you are “on their side.”
  • Don’t Make Them Nervous: Failing to talk to instructors when a review surfaces can make your staff assume there is not an open line of communication. Sharing a bad review with an instructor does not have to be difficult. Using customers’ comments are an excellent way to take the burden off the touchy subject.

Give “Restitution Privileges”

In every business, not everything goes according to plan or schedule. When it comes to a yoga studio, the stereo could fail to play music, an emergency could occur or a class needs to be cut short. Your instructors should be able to merit restitution. Don’t let them take the heat for mistakes and don’t let your customers walk away feeling as if they didn’t get their money’s worth. Empower your instructors!

Prepare Instructors as Potential Subs

There are occasions when an instructor cannot teach a class and you have to find a substitute for the day. Although your staff know how to teach yoga, it is important that they understand how each other approaches the practice. A good policy would be to have the instructors attend each other’s classes to learn what customers expect from certain sessions.

Take your business to new heights, today!

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