How to Host a Successful Open House

Mix, Mingle and Grow Your Business

Open your doors and welcome your customers in! As an effective way to gain loyal members, businesses use open house events to encourage people to learn about their studio, meet their team and promote new memberships. Planning such an event, however, involves more than just spreading the word and ordering food. It requires thoughtful preparation and teamwork.

So, where do you start? Here are a few suggestions to help you host a successful open house for your business!

What’s Your Purpose?

No, I’m not asking about the meaning of life, but about your reasons for hosting an open house.

Do you want to promote a new service or gain new clients? Did you hire a new instructor and want to introduce them to your members? Planning and preparing for your event with a goal in mind is the best strategy for a successful open house.

And remember, make it fun! Decorating your space with signs and displays can advertise your new service, but can also make the studio’s atmosphere light and cheery.

Getting the Word Out

The big-inflatable-balloon man dancing in the wind on the side of the road might appear as a silly idea, but it’s actually an effective marketing strategy. Although there’s no need to rush out and buy dancing balloons, promoting your studio’s open house is important!

Here’s where we come in! With the help of HealingRadiusPro, advertising your event can be a breeze! Easy to use features, like email marketing, lets you instantly share the details with your clients.

That’s not all! Post the event announcement to your business’ HealingRadius page. Any new or existing customer searching for your studio can find the exciting news, register for the day and book future sessions, all in one convenient location.


Food can be an added bonus to your event, but there are several points to remember. Ensure that you, your employees and your guests stay healthy by handling food properly. Keep cold foods, cold and hot foods, hot!

Conversing and Mingling

One of the hardest parts of an open house is initiating small talk. Many people, employees and guest alike, find the thought of casual conversations uncomfortable. However, talking and getting to know your clients is an important part of your open house event. Help your employees by providing them with discussion topics and tips, giving them confidence and your business an added boost in customer service.

Exclusive Pricing and Free Sessions

Offering a free session or other special deals for your attendees is an excellent way to encourage more people to visit during your open house. Current members can bring their friends, take advantage of a free class and participate in various planned activities. New visitors can have the opportunity to try out your studio and discover how easy it is to begin their holistic wellness journey.

To encourage more participation, gift customers with an exclusive introductory offer, a discounted membership or service price.

Two Things to Avoid:

  • Under-Staffed: Don’t try to do it alone. Having enough team members to help you handle the festivities of the day is important. With adequate support, you can welcome, accommodate and provide excellent services to all of your guests. 
  • Not Selling Your Products: At the end of the day you are still a business and depend on selling services and memberships. Remember to talk to every attendee, and let them know what you offer and how you can help them on their wellness journey. 

Hosting an open house is a fun and great way to grow your business. Start planning yours today!

Did you love learning about how to host a successful open house? If so, let us know in the comment section below or share your own event success story.

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