A Holistic Approach to Business Management

Opening Communication With Wellness Practices

Peter Drucker, author, businessman and contributor to modernized corporate management models and styles, once said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” This piece of philosophical advice can be applied to all communications in life, but it works especially well in a business setting. Using more than words to create harmony and efficiency in a workplace isn’t as difficult as it sounds nor do you need to hire a full-time counselor to keep your communication open and honest. The HealingRadiusPro Pros have put together a list of a few simple management techniques so your workplace can serve as a calm, comfortable place to be.

Encourage Calm

That may sound easier said than done, but it’s actually quite simple. Starting with personal attire, you can make yourself seem less aggressive, and, therefore, more relatable. Color psychology-based studies have shown the appropriate colors to wear if you want to exude calmness are green, blue and purple, whereas solid red or black might make you look aggressive or unsympathetic to staff or customers.

Additionally, make sure your workspace is full of hypoallergenic plants and foliage. Plants have a very positive effect on people, having been proven to boost mood, encourage peacefulness and nurture creativity. Not sure if that’s possible? Check out this article on the positive nature of plants and being in nature. Just a little bit of greenery is needed to gain the effect.

When stresses do inevitably rise in the workplace, lead by example on how to handle it. Maintain your voice in a calm manner and your demeanor reasonable. Further, offer encouraging statements and make sure to give your staff the opportunity to voice their concerns, even if you can’t immediately alleviate them. Keeping them informed will also go a long way in reassuring them of your commitment to both your business and to them as your team.

Make Rules That Promote Harmony

Clearly communicate rules that encourage harmonious conversation and habits. Try to refrain others from gossiping in the workplace and discourage the use of negative words and phrases. By showing disapproval of unacceptable habits, staff members will be encouraged to use healthier methods of communication to exhibit their frustration, concerns or excitement. By limiting the use of negativity, customers will feel more comfortable entering your work environment, too.

Create a Good Team Atmosphere

Encouraging competition between employees is not the best way to get them to communicate openly not only with one another, but with you as well. Instead, try pushing the idea of your team versus the world so that they understand they should all work together. Creating team building opportunities isn’t hard to do either. Once every few weeks, bring them together for some good old fashioned fun! Charades, karaoke, and other games where team mates encourage one another are a great place to start. Activities like that will also lead to relaxation, which can also aid in opening up communication.

Have an Open-Door Policy

It’s understandable that sometimes you’re going to be overworked and unable to make time to chat over tea with each and every staff member. However, it is still a good idea to have an open-door policy for them. By saying that they’re able to come to you at any time when they have an issue or need to talk about something will give them comfort. It will also ensure that you’re the first to hear about any problems as opposed to the fifth or sixth person in a long line. If you don’t have time to meet with them right at that moment they arrive, you can suggest for them to come back when you have a break in your schedule.
Inspire Healthiness

This is one of the most overlooked aspect of a modern workforce. Encourage your staff members to eat healthfully and to exercise regularly by providing them with the time to do so. Host a team workout or Ping Pong tournament so that exercise-work seem to be one in the same. By getting them moving, you’ll be making them more focused on their jobs since exercise has been known to give energy and help to contribute to focus.

Since communication is key to running a successful business, taking a holistic approach to encouraging productive, honest and true communication between yourself and employees and between your employees themselves will enable you to create the atmosphere everyone wants to work in. As always, good luck!

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