6 Motivational Mantras for Your Business

Create. Repeat. Rejoice.

I’ve previously discussed the importance of mantras for the average individual, but I believe it’s a lesson that bears repeating for business owners as well. Running a business can be stressful, especially when you’re confronted by people and other types of opposition on a daily basis. So, it’s easy for someone to feel down and stressed whenever they have pressure riding on their shoulders. A mantra can help keep you motivated and positive, even at the worst of times.

The HealingRadiusPro Pros have come up with a few to help you through the obstacles that you may encounter as a business owner:

I Will Always Remember Who I Am

As a business grows, it’s possible to get sidetracked by growing responsibilities, newfound power and other temptations within the industry. It’s good to learn from your competition and embrace new responsibilities, but always maintain your own unique path as you continue moving forward. By repeating the mantra I will always remember who I am, you’re reminding yourself of your starting goals and allowing yourself to maintain a personal vision for your business. 

I Will Narrow My Focus

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re an idea-driven person. This could be distracting as new and shiny prospects seek to pull you away from what you’re currently working on. If that happens, examine every new idea and ask yourself if it will benefit your business. When you feel unsure or if you find the answer to be “no,” then it’s time to turn your attention back to your original task and refocus your attention. With this mantra, I will narrow my focus, you should be able to remind yourself to do just that.

I Will Lead From the Front

The old military saying lead from the front is applicable to business owners alike. Repeating this mantra will remind you to be visible, personable and to present a front of strength for your staff and customers. Whether it means having face-to-face meetings with team members once a week, personally thanking them for a task well done or simply using the pronoun “we” when addressing a group situation to make everyone feel included. Show your leadership with determination and confidence and you’ll find that others will go above and beyond your expectations of them.

I Will Follow My Moral Compass

We all need a personal inner guide that distinguishes what is right from what is wrong. When it comes to running a business, sometimes it’s right to pass over an opportunity to focus on other concerns. At times, you may need to avoid quick-fix schemes when problems arise or shy away from making rash decisions (even if it’s the convenient option). Repeat the mantra I will follow my moral compass whenever you feel pressured to make a decision, and then when you are able to think more clearly, you’ll be able to choose the right one.

I Will Protect My Brand

The mantra I will protect my brand should be permanently placed on most people’s belongings. It’s apparent how important reputation is to credibility within the community and how losing it can affect an entire business. So, by repeating this particular mantra, you’ll be reminded to maintain the same image, quality of service and appearance that initially brought on successes and will continue propelling you toward success in the future.

I Will Embrace My Passion For Business

Whatever passion drove you to start your business can be quickly lost in the chaos of balancing that with family and the numerous anxieties of professional life. You mustn’t let your passions leave you. Stretch your mind back to the driving force behind the start of it all. Ask yourself: What is my passion? What called you to start your business? Once you have your answers in place, refocus your attention on the excitement you felt at the first inklings of success, keeping it in mind moving forward. When you’re feeling the most stressed and the least charitable toward your work, take a deep breath and repeat this mantra: I will Embrace my passion for my business.

I hope you enjoyed learning about mantras for your business. Repeat them often, write them on your sticky notes, post them as a memo on your phone—whatever you have to do to keep yourself motivated. As always, good luck!

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