The Benefits of Social Media for Business

How to Interact, Engage and Build Customer Loyalty

What can social media do for your business? An excellent question—social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn have been reinventing how businesses operate and market since 2008. With savvy features and perks like communication, engagement and interaction, promoting your business through social media is made easy.

Isn’t it time you extended your business’s radius? Let’s get started.

Get to Know Your People: In just 200 characters or less, you can learn a lot about your potential customer. The majority of social media sites offer users a space to concisely describe themselves, generally in a small allotment of characters. In the bios, you’ll find the most important information about your customer, otherwise what interests them.

Use this to your advantage and market qualities of your brand that would be most enticing to the majority of people.

Interact With Followers: In this day in age, it is not enough to simply web-blast content on a web page or a social media site. The generations of customers accessing your site want to interact and engage with your business.

Beginning or ending your post with a question can prompt your audience to share their own stories and experiences. Another way to attract people to your page is by offering special promotions to those who follow you on social media. This will show customers that you care for and appreciate them!

When Are They Most Active? Discovering when your followers are most active on social media is indispensable to your online marketing success. With the rate that tweets and statuses go live, give your business the upper hand and post content during peak active hours.

One of the best tools to use for checking the activity of your followers is Tweriod. This free database through Twitter provides you with statistical information and charts, letting you know the perfect time to communicate with your followers. Another site to look for is Hootsuite, which allows you to manage all of your social media content in a single location.

Team Building: Social media platforms are useful in helping you connect with potential and current customers—but go beyond the boundaries and employ these sites for team building strategies. Live communication, troubleshooting and connecting with your business partners and employees via social media can be a more productive way to stay linked and current with your brand.

Cost-Effective: Social media offers three money-saving advantages over the conventional marketing approach: It’s free (unless you purchase a premium package), available for use 24/7 and can reach an unlimited audience.

The time and effort needed to produce a commercial, write press releases and compose jingles on the radio occupies precious business hours, and for what? During commercial or song breaks, most people change the channel or station and let’s not even discuss the added cost for each of these means. Switch your marketing technique to a social media site and save your business’s wallet.

Build stronger relationships with new and current customers while giving your business a competitive edge with social media.

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