5 Ways Your Fitness Studio Affects the Community



Impact Health, Impact the World

With today’s increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, wellness and fitness studios and boutique gyms seem to be popping up and falling down, comparable to sunflowers in a hurricane. As business owners watch the growing landscape of competition, they often forget that competition, when handled appropriately, creates growth and the opportunity to expand on an even larger customer base.

One goal of opening a fitness studio might’ve been to motivate others in becoming more involved in physical activity, and if more competition happens to be moving in, you should rejoice as the demand increases. So, before you begin to feel melancholy on us, here are a four reasons why you should push yourself and your business onto the next platform of success:

You Reap the Rewards of Increased Productivity

Studies show that when a workout facility is available to companies, their employees experience increased productivity and engagement. Not only is your fitness center a benefit to nearby companies, but you’ll also experience a few benefits yourself:

1. People who are employed have a larger disposable income and have the means to pay for your classes and memberships. 

2. They’re also likely to settle down in the area they work, which means they’ll be loyal customers (and may even recruit others to join in their workout routines). 

3. You can focus on marketing locally, especially to surrounding businesses, which can be less expensive than other marketing strategies. 

Another thing going for you is health care costs. Health care costs for employers are typically reduced by as much as $500 to $900 for every employee who engages in fitness each year. You’ll be able to give local employers valid reasons to use your facilities, especially if you’re willing to accommodate them!

Fitness Studios Greatly Impact the Social Life of a Community

Working out alone is often tedious and hiring a personal trainer can be too costly, but offering a smaller boutique gym along with group classes allows you to bring the community together. Did you know, your studio actually increases the chance of people working together while promoting a home-away-from-home atmosphere? Moreover, with no specific exclusionary element in fitness, you’re also combining people from all walks of life.

Your Involvement Sets the Standards for Fitness

Local activities and events can be great recruitment opportunities to a growing wellness community. By opening a studio and offering the chance for community members to see what you do and hook themselves to your services, you’ll quickly become the go-to person when it comes to name recognition. Recognition increases your credibility and it allows you to set the community standard when it comes to fitness. The more involved you are, the greater your impact will be. It’s just that simple.

Your Presence Influences Nutrition

Psychology studies have concluded that the more a person is exposed to a healthy lifestyle, the more they will adopt a healthy lifestyle themselves. In other words, being healthy is contagious! By creating a healthy presence within the community, you encourage members to be healthier overall while making room in the market for better food choices. It won’t be long before organic products, farmers’ produce and a whole host of healthy options are popping up as well. Goodbye, McDonald’s. Hello, Organic Deli Shop.

Positive Body Images Go Where You Go

Regardless of how many pounds are lost, those who work out are more likely to feel better about themselves and their body images. With your studio, you’ve not only made someone feel better, but you’ve created a loyal customer who is more likely to post positive reviews and tell their friends and family about their experience.

So, before you start to rethink your decision of opening a fitness center, remember how you’re impacting those around you and your community.

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